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This week’s blog is about emotions … 
As I was crying this morning watching Facebook videos of empowered women, I realised that I’ve had quite an emotional month, and I’ve not let myself fully embrace or honour all of those emotions. 
That might seem a bit counter-intuitive for me … 
I mean, I teach people how to get in touch with their feelings and tap into their truth. 

But sometimes we all get caught up in the DOING and forget to BE. 
I have been DOING my book launch and DOING my business and DOING my part-time jobs.
But at times, I’ve forgotten to BE relaxed, BE excited, BE reflective, BE grateful … to BE proud. 
There is a lot to be said for sitting on the verandah in the sun, listening to the birds, and taking a breath.
And as I sat there … I thought … “I’ve just published my first book! HOLY MOLY! That’s awesome!”

Before I start planning my next steps … I am just taking a minute to revel in the joy of this goal being achieved.
I believe our lives are more fulfilled when we take these moments. 
I have often spoken to my sister (Marnie) about that question we ask other people …
“So what have you been doing?” 
And that person lists all the things that they have DONE since you last saw them.
Marnie and I made a commitment to share the things we are BEING too.

Now we say … 
“I’ve been addressing my negative self-talk, I’ve been honouring my inner child, I’ve let go of the pain in my left shoulder and I’ve been journaling about the reasons why I get angry at my boss when he criticizes my work.” 

So, what have you been DOING that is consuming you?
And what do you prefer to be BEING to feel more fulfilled?

Please feel free to reply to this email or comment below on this blog with your thoughts.
Pip x

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