It’s time to say goodbye!!

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It’s time to say goodbye.
It’s been 10 years … well at the end of July it will be 10 years that I’ve lived on Phillip island.
My sister and I moved from Melbourne, because we were fed up … and thinking “there’s too many people in this city and we need a dose of Vitamin sea” …

I started my adventures working at Island Healing as a therapist and “director of first impressions” (aka. receptionist) … it was a wonderful 4 years! I was given lots opportunity to practice my therapy skills, teach my reiki courses and meet some spiritual friends and clients.

When I set up my own studio 6 years ago, I had no idea how much I’d enjoy running my own business! I love the freedom, flexibility, the “set up my room and leave it’ and earning all the money (no more commission!) – oh hell yeah!
Sure there are downsides to it – like finding my own clients, working alone, and staying safe from (let’s call them) “unusual” enquiries.

My most favourite thing is the creation of the Spiritual Book Club … we read an inspiring, high vibration, growth or transformational book then we meet to discuss it each month.
The result of that was another cool thing that happened is that a lot of my clients and students have become friends.

Finally, living here on the island, over the last 2 years of the pandemic, was a huge blessing. Not only did my tribe step up to support me, and each other, emotionally but I was also pushed to create new online coaching offerings that have expanded my business, enabling me to help even more people.

Thank you Phillip Island for your beaches, animals, bushland, bike tracks, sunshine, gumboot-weather, the community of healers and energy of possibilities.
This place helped me realign with my true self. I’m SO grateful.

I’m leaving the island to head north to warmer climates on the 31st July.
If you’d like to book a session or connect before I go, I’d love to hear from you.
Or you can join my mailing list to stay in touch by heading to my website to subscribe.
Blessings Pip


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