It’s time to recharge your ‘smart-phone-body’ …

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Anita Moorjani shared this analogy today on her radio show and I loved it!
It fits perfectly with what I wanted to share this week.
Your mind, body and spirit are like a smart phone.
You wouldn’t try to use your phone if it’s not charged, right?
I mean, you can’t! It’s empty. 
But we try to use our bodies and minds when they are empty don’t we?
We need to take this in for a moment. 
Take a moment to really get this. 
Is your battery drained?
Are you over committed? 
Do you do too much for others? 
Are you falling into bed exhausted? 
How long are you going to keep going? 

So, I’m offering you a safe space to admit that you’ve been thinking and behaving like you are a smart phone with unlimited battery life. 
I’m offering you a chance to see clearly, know and feel deeply that this is not serving you. 
I’m giving you the gift of insight. 

From here you can make shifts.
From here you can start to honour yourself. 
From here you can feel more fulfilled. 
From here you can be happy. 

And you don’t have to do it alone. 
I can help you. 

Here are some tips: 
– Shut off the ‘apps’ that drain your battery eg. Say no to things you don’t want to do and limit time with people who make you feel bad or tired. Cheryl Richardson says that it’s the things we delete from our life that make the most difference for us to shift. 
– Ask for help … you don’t have to do any of this life alone. Being stubbornly independent is lonely and not our soul’s purpose. 
– Be kind and loving to yourself – no one around you is responsible for being kind and loving to you, its time to take back your power. 
– Write a list of things that fill up your battery (no limits) eg. take a bath, reading a book, listening to music, dancing, have a reiki session or a massage, walk on the beach, do a meditation, or coffee time with friends etc. 
– Start to do one of these things every week and then gradually move to daily (15-30 minutes) – baby steps. 

Take some time for yourself once a week during this holiday season to recharge your batteries. 
Your mind, body and spirit will appreciate it. 
I’m offering … a 30 minute special – until December 22nd. 
Reiki 30 minute Recharge Session $60 (includes a healing meditation and free ‘what to expect for 2019’ Numerology Reading). 
Appointments available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 
Book by calling or texting 0437 670 820 or email: 
I look forward to seeing you.
Blessings Pip x
​References: Anita Moorjani – Dying to be me (book) and Cheryl Richardson – The Art of Extreme Self Care (book). 

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