It’s time to do some magical dreaming with the SUPER New Moon in Pisces!

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This month the SUPER New Moon is in Pisces … the last sign of the zodiac is all about mystical moments, healing opportunities and dreaming magical dreams. What are your dreams for yourself and the people you love in the year ahead? Now is the time to imagine them as reality? Feel them as real in your body as you do the New Moon rituals. Feeling them as real is the first step to manifesting them. And Saturn, the planet of hard work, responsibilities, challenges, and commitments will help us to solidify our intentions.

Pisces is also the sign of meditation. Adding meditation to your daily routine will be a game-changer. You could do it before you get up in the morning, at lunch time or before you go to sleep. You only need to do 15 minutes a day to feel the benefits. Play gentle music. Watch your thoughts go by like clouds or bubbles. It’s not about clearing your mind of all thoughts, it’s about being detached from them and being present. Chanting simple invocations like ‘Om Shanti’ (peace chant) or ‘Om Namo Narayani’ (surrendering chant) are very soothing. Connecting to your breath, your inner guidance and your divine specialist support team gives such a deep feeling of peace and alignment. Once you get into the habit of doing it, I’m sure you’ll love it. You could also try one of the guided meditations in my Divine Reconnection App … see the link below.

New Moon times:
LA 23:05 19th Feb // NY 02:05 20th Feb // London 07:05 20th Feb // Sydney 18:05 20th Feb

Remember to use this new moon energy to set your intentions for the month, create your affirmations and then take soul inspired actions and get excited about the manifestations that are coming your way.

You can also listen to the audio recording of the New Moon in Pisces Meditation with Archangel Sandolphon that I did on Thursday 16th Feb at 6.30pm … here on the next episode of this podcast #153:

If you’d like to join the next Moon Meditation group class, it is on Thursday 2nd March @6.30pm for the Full Moon in Virgo – you can book in on the link below:

And all my meditations are also in my Divine Reconnection App – link is below:

Blessings Pip x

p.s. Moonology oracle cards by Yasmin Boland

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