It’s like super-vibrationally-activated prayer!

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This week’s blog is about setting your intention for love … 
When I teach Reiki energy healing courses we inevitably end up talking about our dreams, goals, desires and how we’d all like to make our lives better. 
It makes sense … of course, you want to live the best life that you can. 
But what do you do when life is NOT going the way you’d like it to?
Do you worry?
Do you lose sleep?
Do you get angry, sad or depressed?
Sure … those are totally normal responses to your expectations not being fulfilled.
I put it to you … there is another way. 
When I first discovered Reiki energy healing … I thought it was only useful for fixing my headaches and digestive issues, when I ate too much bread or pastry. Ohhh … and I do love bread and pastries. 
Then I was told that I could also learn how to clear buildings and people of negative energy.
I could learn how to heal and let go of issues from the past.
I could sort out family issues and create loving family gatherings. 
And I could use it to manifest goals and dreams for the future.
Wow!! That’s pretty cool huh?!
So, I went to do the Reiki Level Two course … it was 3 classes of 3 hours … and it BLEW MY MIND!!
Now I use it ALL the time …
I clear bad vibes and protect my house, my work and any building I go in … this works really well for Centrelink, shopping centres and hospitals …. even talking on the phone to Telstra, Optus, AGL or anyone that you’ve got issues with. 
I set my intentions for love before big family events … like Christmas … to be sure that it is the most loving and fun it can be.
I have done Reiki before I sleep to dream about my soul mate … and then met him the next week.
I have focused on creating an enjoyable and enlightening book about my adventures on a cruise ship … and seen it come to life.
This stuff works my friends!!!
If you’re curious and you’d like to learn how, I’d love to teach you … it’s super easy.
The next REIKI LEVEL TWO COURSE starts on Sunday 7th October @10am-1pm.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Blessings Pip x
​p.s. If you’d like to help me fund the publishing of my new book – thank you so much – please feel free to go to the link below to my crowdfunding page:

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