It’s Divine synchronicity NOT coincidence

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This week’s blog is about following those Divine callings that we get … 
The other day I decided to take the afternoon off. No work.
Rode my bike to Cape Kitchen for lunch but nothing on the menu inspired me.
And for some reason … I had a strange desire for Egyptian eggs with dukkah. 
So as I had a chai latte I thought about where I could get those eggs and I realised I had to go to The Waterboy Cafe in Cowes.
As I drove into Cowes my ‘spidey-senses’ were tingling. 
This was no ordinary brunch on my day off.
Something was about to happen … but what?
When I walked into the cafe I ran into a Reiki student of mine that I hadn’t see in a while.
She and her daughter were having tea and cake, they invited me to sit with them. 
We then had a really lovely conversation. 
It was divinely synchronistic. 
We talked about my book. I told them that’s its almost ready.
We talked about their Reiki group experiences.
We talked about life and money and energy and astrology and more … 
They gave me some advice (that I’ve heard before but feel it’s worth listening again) about how to help my Reiki students stay on track. 
– gatherings to practice / gain confidence / share energy and ideas
– rent out my studio to therapists 
– doing an expo / festival to gather like-minded people together. 
I got excited as I talked to them about what I enjoy doing most in my business. It’s the coaching part.
I love to teach Reiki – yes. And I love to coach them after they finish their course too.
The mindset stuff. The set up your business stuff. 
So, I started brainstorming … 
– I could run retreats for Reiki practitioners who need ‘next step coaching’ 
– I could do coaching online or Skype or phone for people who have done their course and don’t know what to do now. 
– I much prefer to work with those people than the newbies. Although the thrill of the first time attunement is fun. 
– It’s much easier to help someone who is already in the game than convince someone to join the game. 
So this week I’ll start my preparations to market to those Reiki practitioners who are almost ready to step out. 
I’ll re-promote my studio availability and I’ll offer the gatherings. 
It’s time to give some people a leg-up. 
Help others to succeed and you’ll succeed. Right? Right! 

Also, I was telling them about my twitching eye and Chris laughed and said ‘left eye huh?’
And then asked ‘do you have a grandmother who has crossed over?’ 
I said yes both of them. 
She said ‘one is here and she says she wants to kick your ass’ (to get moving on my purpose) 
And she said ‘did one of them like flowers? … because I can smell a floral smell.’
I told her about the talc smell and how Nanna makes me sneeze when she’s around.
Nanna has been around during this past week of eye twitching and retreat planning. 

So, are you missing the signs? 
Are you explaining away and logically overriding the feelings? 
Are you thinking “I never get Angel guidance, Animal spirit guide signs or departed loved ones messages”? 
Excuse my language … but I call BULLSHIT!! 
As Matthew McConaghey said (in the movie ‘how to loose a guy in 10 days’) Bullshit Mama! 
You are a divine spiritual being!
You are a perfect expression of source! 
You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. 
You know it’s true!
You can feel your soul vibrating with knowing as you read this. 
So, when you feel called to buy that book – buy it.
When you feel you have to call that person – call them. 
When you feel you need that specific food from that cafe – go there. 
And when you feel a desire to do that course, class or activity – do it. 
Your discomfort with your life is not because you are broken or need to be fixed. 
It’s because you have asked. 
Your soul has expanded. 
And then you resisted the moving forward step. 
I still forget sometimes. 
So, as I remind you how divine you are. I am reminding myself. 
Thank you.
Blessings Pip xxx 
p.s. please feel free to email me with feedback – I’d love to hear from you. 

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