It’s all about keeping your ego and pride in check for the Full Moon in Leo!

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This month the Full Moon is in Leo. The sign of Leo is of course, the sign of pride. This month think about pride in terms of things you’ve done to be proud of and be mindful of when you’ve let your ego take control. Don’t make any rash decisions this week. There could be a few surprises and shocks because the Sun and the Moon will clash with the planet of chaos (Uranus). Be mindful of that. If you are already feeling anxious or nervous about something, you must remember to really work on yourself in the lead-up to the full moon, using breath-work, tapping, movement and other relaxation techniques will be helpful.

Also, there is perfect energy this week for spiritual practices like meditation, poetry-writing and journalling. Here is an exercise to help you be aware of how your ego might be holding you back. Grab a pen and paper or your journal … write at the top: What I would do if I knew I couldn’t fail … Then describe this on the rest of the page. This exercise is perfect to do on the night of the full moon (or as soon as possible after).
Full Moon times:
LA 10:20 5th Feb // NY 13:28 5th Feb // London 18:28 5th Feb // Sydney 05:28 6th Feb

Also, remember to write your forgiveness list and try this simple tapping to clear the residue … then burn the list.
Eyebrow – I forgive and release these people,
Side Eye – for the highest good of all.
Under Eye – I forgive and release these situations,
Under Nose – so I can reset and realign myself.
Chin – I forgive and release these issues,
Collarbone – anything that is consciously and unconsciously holding me back.
Under Arm – I forgive and release everything to the universe,
Top of the Head – because it’s the healthy thing to do.

You can also listen to the audio recording of the Full Moon in Leo Meditation with Goddess Medusa that I did on Thursday 2nd Feb at 6.30pm … here on the next episode of this podcast #150:

If you’d like to join the next Moon Meditation group class it is on Thursday 16th Feb @6.30pm for the Super New Moon in Pisces – you can book in on the link below:

And all my meditations are also in my Divine Reconnection App – link is below:

Blessings Pip x

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