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Guess what?! The owners of my space in Cape Woolamai have taken the house off the market and have offered for me to stay for another 12 months.
So even though I had packed up, done a garage sale, sold some of my stuff, and planned to move to Queensland … it was a no-brainer to accept. I love my community on the island and it was breaking my heart to leave at this point.

The interesting thing was the range of emotions I went through this month.
Sadness about leaving my home.
Happy about new adventures.
Anger about not having enough time.
Humble when I heard nice feedback about my impact on people’s lives.
Uncertainty about where to go next.
Resistant about selling my stuff.
Blessed by the support of my tribe.
Confusion when the house didn’t sell.
Hope when offered the chance to stay.
Excitement about new plans to go overseas in 2023.
Embarrassment about changing plans.
Gratitude when my clients were so happy that I’m staying.

The reality is I was making the best of a situation that was out of my control.
As far as I knew, the house was being sold. I had to leave this space.
And I had decided to start by wandering up to Queensland because I know some awesome, creative people there. Let’s face it, the weather looks SO great from down here in winter. (*Flooding rains aside).

But the universe (and my oracle cards) showed me some signs that indicated my plans would change.
a) I pulled some cards in April to see when the house would sell and the card that jumped out was “a year from now”. I thought the cards were wrong … even though they never are … because house had been selling like hotcakes.
b) In the past when I’ve been planning to travel or move, I’ve been excited and packed with happy energy. This time I was resisting and procrastinating and plain stubborn (my sisters can attest).
c) While I was searching for houses in Brisbane, I kept getting distracted by houses in London, Toronto, and everywhere else.

These signs gave me “pause” to wonder about diving timing.
And to wonder about things left undone.
And to wonder about the possibilities still unexplored.
And to wonder about whether I really wanted to travel to Queensland.
Or was I truly wanting to travel to the UK to see the standing stones, walk the path of the Druids, connect with ancient Scottish grandparent energy … and go to the Eurovision concert.
Yep! That was A LOT more compelling than Brisbane.
And what can I say?! I am a lover of all things spiritual and fun and wonderfully weird!

So, this is your reminder to keep checking in with your gut. Stay aware. Trust your intuition.
Keep asking yourself if you’re on the path that makes you feel the best.
Sometimes it might seem like things are moving in a particular direction and you think you can’t change your path. But you can!
You can ALWAYS pivot and reset.

If you’d like to learn how to trust your intuition, feel more confident and improve your psychic abilities, so that you can be more adaptable in your business, relationships and life …. I’ll be doing some Winter Woo Woo workshops (online and in-person) in August, including:
• How to connect with your departed loved ones (mediumship)
• Exploring past lives to heal and transform now
• Crystal healing for modern witches
• Make your own Oracle Card deck
• Draw your Destiny – life purpose automatic drawing
• How to work with Animal Spirit Guides & Angels

You can contact me to express your interest at 0437 670 820 or go to the website and book in a ‘what’s it all about?’ complimentary phone call.

Blessings Pip

Pip Coleman provides intuitive coaching and programs for professional women who are seeking answers and want to know the next step on your spiritual awakening. She has 25 years experience, and is Australia’s leading Divine-ologist. “I show you how to align your understanding of spirituality and divinity, while applying it to your everyday life to give you certainty, clarity, peace and joy.”

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