It warmed the cockles of my heart – literally!

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This week’s blog is about how I survived winter on Phillip Island this year.
I made a mistake in July this year to go up to Queensland for a quick break.
And when I returned, I was CHILLED TO THE BONE!!!!
I mean … seriously … I was SOOOOOO COLD!!!
I felt like I’d returned to the Antarctic … I mean for goodness’ sake!
What is going ON with the weather this year???
Anyway, a friend of mine suggested that I go to the Infrared sauna at Island Healing Day Spa in Newhaven, Phillip Island.
What a wonderful (literally) warming experience it has been.
I have been into saunas before, but never fully understood their benefits.
The benefits of the Infrared Sauna can include; better sleep, relaxation, detoxification, relief of inflammation, weight loss, relief from sore muscles and joint pain, clear and tighter skin, and improved circulation.
The sauna is great for everyday people who have niggles, or like to enjoy a good sweat, or for the athletes or people who love their training, adding the sauna to your recovery is a game changer.
So, I am very grateful to Island Healing Day Spa for having this amazing service to add to my self-care routine, not just because the sauna was hot … HOT … SOOOO DELICIOUSLY HOT … yes!!! But also, the centre’s atmosphere, energy and interior design has significantly improved and the new owner, Jessie, is so welcoming and helpful, it really makes the experience amazing.
Island Healing Day Spa not only offers the Infrared Sauna … there are also massage, energy healing and myotherapy treatments and new fitness classes (including Yoga, Pilates, & Barre – ballet fitness classes).
If you’d like to check them out – go to or go to their socials: @islandhealingstudio3925 or @islandhealingphillipisland
May your life be warm and delicious.
Blessings Pip

p.s. Remember that I can also be part of your Self-Care Support Team – including Meditation classes, Bowen therapy, Reiki energy healing, Counselling and Divine Alignment Coaching.

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