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This week’s blog is about menopause (peri-menopause) and all the important ‘pauses’ that happen in our lives. 

(So, gentlemen this blog is mostly for the ladies, but you may find it useful.)

A lot of my clients are women … and a lot of those women are between 45-65 years old. 

So, a lot of my clients have experienced the unique events that happen during this ‘pause’ in life. 

I was talking to a mum today about her 2 year old having crazy mood swings and what she’s doing to manage and allow her daughter to be who she is through that process.

We agreed that you have to love your children through this process … right? 

It’s a significant shift in everyone’s life. 

It must be … we all can relate to the “terrible twos”. 

This conversation made me think about other times in our lives when we have these shifts, transitions or ‘pauses’ … 

As a teenager 

As a thirty year old

As a forty year old 

As a fifty year old 

As a sixty year old 

These are not times to berate, or scold, or handle … these are times to pause. 


Be kind. 




There are different questions to ask at each stage. Different emotions. Different things to understand. Different needs. 

But all are in essence the same … because I’ve realised, it’s a time to pause and be loving to ourselves. 

Not to push through. 

Not to ignore. 

Not to belittle. 

Not to manipulate. 

Not to fight. 

Not to criticise. 

And so, I invite you this week … whatever stage of ‘pausing’ you are in …

Practise being fully IN THE PAUSE. 

Breathe. Sit. Feel. Allow. … and just let that hot flash envelope you. 

You are being given an opportunity to know yourself more deeply. 

Take this pause. 

You deserve it. 

It’s your time. 
Blessings Pip xxx

* Reading material 
– Cheryl Richardson – Waking Up In Winter 
– Dr Christiane Northrop – Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

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