I’m down the rabbit hole …

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Yes, I admit it … I went there.

I bought the book online.

I had it delivered.

I sat down for ‘a minute’ to read a ‘few pages’ … and now …

I’m up to page 226!?!?!!

Ha ha ha … ever been there?

What is it about certain books, tasks, or jobs that take us and … time flies right?

Usually it’s the things we love … beach time, book time, surf time, family time (depends on your family – grin), creative time, sexy time (wink), and …

Then when you are doing something you hate … ohhhh the time drags and sometimes stops, right?

In fact I feel myself looking at the clock more when I don’t enjoy what I’m doing. And it’s only 5 minutes has passed.

I heard Cheryl Richardson (author and life coach) talking about our passions and she said that when you get into your true flow of life, time flies by.

And example is meditation.

When I first started to meditate I was thinking all the time, twitchy and kept opening my eyes to see how much longer. Totally normal reaction.

After a little while I’d find a moment in my meditation time where I’d feel light, floaty, peaceful, relaxed, joyful and … then it would be gone.

Then as I meditated more I found myself in that space for longer and longer … in the zone – it was my tiny piece of nirvana.

Now I get excited to dive down the rabbit hole in my meditation time … morning, lunch, afternoon, evening … whenever I feel the need. No rules.


Because it feels SO amazing!

It reminds me that we really are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.

And … 

Because I know particularly AFTER I’ve been in that connected space … I feel more clear, calm, empowered, focused, balanced, healthy, strong and able to handle all the earthly stuff.

Being the best version of yourself is not just about physical health, it’s about mind, body and spirit.

In fact, we cannot heal our bodies if we focus only on that one element.

Every illness on the world has had at least one person fully recover from it. What did that person do?

They focused on connecting and healing all elements of themselves.

Meditation is a very useful skill to learn.

It can help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We are all unique beings who relax in different ways.

What is your unique meditation style?

Ask me more about it.

Meditation classes and one-on-one Meditation Coaching are held on Thursday-Sunday each week for 2019.

Skype and phone sessions available.

Contact me on 0437670820 or email contact@consciouscoursesandtherapies.com

P.s. The book I’m reading is: ‘The Three Secret Cities’ by Matthew Reilly – the next awesome book in the Jack West series.

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