I’d call it the “Get psyched about you” award.

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This week’s blog is about asking better questions.
Do you ever ask yourself …
What’s wrong with me?
Why did I do that again?
How does everyone else have what I want?
Those questions don’t make us feel very good.
And I believe when I don’t feel good, I don’t live well.

As you know, I’m a big promoter of the mind-body connection and how being aware of your unhealthy thoughts you can improve the health of your body. Barbara de Angelis says that your feeling and emotions are “text messages from your heart” … so listen to them.
As I’ve been writing my book and preparing for the launch, I’ve shared with you that I’ve honestly had lots of crazy thoughts going through my head. I’ve been the overthinking queen!!!
And my body has responded to that overthinking with tension, tightness, stomach and back issues.

I’ve just finished reading a great book by Cheryl Richardson called Waking up in Winter. It is our book for Spiritual Book Club this month.
She talks about how when you come to a crossroads and you are not sure which way to go, whether it is mid-life, end of a job, end of a relationship, retirement or end of a project … this is the time to ask yourself some deeper questions.

Here are my 3 favourite questions and my answers …
(Keep an eye on your emails … I’ll give you the other 14 questions for your Friday freebie gift – yay!)

1. If you were to receive an award for doing what you most enjoy, what would the award be called? And why?
I most enjoy seeing people fully settle into and accept their true self and feel completely connected and buzzed.
So, I’d call it the “Get psyched about you” award.
Because how freaking awesome is it to get excited, buzzed, psyched about your own achievements and self.
We celebrate others a lot – clap, cheer, rally, march, follow and ‘like’ others but we rarely fully celebrate ourselves.

2. If your life were to end today, what would you regret? What would you regret NOT having done? What would you regret NOT having become?
I’d regret … beating myself up for supposed mistakes and worries – the what ifs? of the future.

I’d regret not having done …
– my book launch
– repair relationships with my brothers
– travel to counties not seen yet
– visiting old friends overseas

I’d regret not becoming …
– a past life regression therapist
– a wife / partner
– a contented soul-being
– healthy / fully balanced body

3. Think of someone whose behaviour feels frustrating or upsetting (from your past or present). What is it about the behaviour that causes you discomfort? What aspects of your identity might they be inviting you to embrace? What might they be trying to teach you about yourself?
Someone                          Behaviour                                   Lesson
Ex-boss.                            Selfish / Manipulator             Be more selfish (self-supporting) but with integrity.
Ex-colleague.                  Cowardly                                    Be brave & courageous and speak up.
Acquaintance.                Straight talker / Rude           Speak the truth, have more of a ‘F*@K’ you attitude and back myself.
Teacher.                            Over-worker                            Take massive action and take extreme care of myself.

My invitation to you this week, is to ask better questions of yourself and then see how the answers change how you feel.
Louise Hay says that the longest relationship you have in your life is the one you have with yourself.
So, please nurture, love and support yourself. You deserve it.

Reminder for THIS Saturday 12th October … Wendy Anastasi and I are running 2 x Give Yourself Permission To Shine workshops … you will experience an energising yoga, a deep healing meditation, an ‘I love my body’ tapping, and everyone will receive a FREE goodie bag of treats to take home.

9am-12pm (1 space left)
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Blessings Pip x

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