i was afraid … and then …

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This week’s blog is about fear … I just had a week where I needed to manage my thoughts carefully. I had a specialist appointment on Friday that I was trying not to worry about all week. *grin*
Of course, I followed my intuition every day … I meditated, I walked, I rode my bike and I listened to Hay House Radio to keep my energy vibration high. But I was still feeling anxious.
Then I heard Anita Moorjani speaking to a caller on the radio – the woman was having to go to the hospital every 2 weeks for treatment and her life was revolving around her illness. Anita gave some wonderful advice.
She said ‘Don’t make that treatment the ONLY thing you focus on for the day. Fill up your day with fun, joy, laughter, friends, and love. Make sure that the good energy outweighs the lower energy. Your living WITH your condition / illness / dis-ease NOT FOR IT.’ She said ‘Love dissolves fear.’
I LOVE THAT!!!! Give yourself more energy than the condition.
It reminded me that the Dalai Lama says that we need to separate our emotions, illnesses, and dis-ease in our lives from our true self.
It is important to not making that lower emotion, illness or dis-ease WHO YOU ARE. When we say ‘I am afraid’ … ‘I am Diabetic’ … ‘I am depressed’… etc… that emotion, illness or dis-ease becomes a part of you. Your identity. Your personality. Your self.
The Dalai Lama suggests that when we speak and think like this it is very hard to release / dissolve / let go of those lower emotions, illnesses and dis-ease in our lives. Our words are very powerful.
So, the remedy is to use words that separate the lower emotion, illness or dis-ease from ourselves … for example: ‘I am with fear’ … ‘I am with depression’ … ‘ I am with Chronic Fatigue’ … gives us some perspective.
Our true self is perfect, whole, complete and healed. When we are unwell it is because we have cut ourselves off from the flow of Source energy.
And so, on Friday I filled up my day with joy, love, laughter and fun!
I went to the movies and saw ‘The Smurfs – the lost village’.
I went op-shopping and bought lots of colourful clothing.
I met my gorgeous sister for a chat (and she bought me a coffee and a pink macaroon – as a surprise after my appointment).
I had a lovely afternoon at work @ Island Healing Day Spa.
And I made myself a delicious meal of roast chicken and veggies … with a couple of Rum and Coke drinks – as a treat! 
All in all … a really lovely day.
Blessings Pip xxx

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