I want some of THAT!!!

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Have you heard about the benefits of cold-water dunking? The list might surprise you.

Before I joined the Submerge Phillip Island group in November 2022, I had been watching the Instagram page for a while. And I have to tell you, I was a self-confessed late riser and hot shower lover!

But when I saw this group of happy people dipping in the water and they were also dressing up, dancing and having fun!

I thought “I want some of that!!”

Honestly, I was also feeling quite lonely … working in my sole trader business, over the last 3 years, and living on my own. So … this positive community was very attractive.

I figured I’d get over the cold water and early rising thing. Or not … ha ha … it was worth a try.

Plus, my word for the year is #brave.

So, I joined the group on an overcast morning at Cottesloe Ave, Cape Woolamai and the group were SO welcoming and friendly… I hardly noticed the 15-degree temperature of the water.

We chatted and laughed as we dipped. They shared life stories and loads of tips on what to wear while in the water and out. I started making deep friendship connections. I was feeling significant and loved. And I was getting my emotional needs for certainty and variety met just doing one activity.

I found my heart-tribe … and it was only a 10-minute dip!!

Now … I’m up to 153 days and counting.

I’ve even done an ice bath challenge!

I know right?! But it’s amazing!! 

My intention is to keep going daily through the whole year. 365 my friends!!!

I know it will be a challenge. And I know for sure that my new tribe will be right there with me! What a truly beautiful thing.

The extra bonus is that cold water (under 15 degrees ideally) has amazing health benefits (the scientists are onto it now) … including reduced inflammation, increased immunity, reduced anxiety, increased your blood circulation, uplifting your mood and lots more!!!

As a life coach, divine-ologist and self-care specialist … I am constantly reminding my clients to do things that bring them joy, get aligned and balanced, find their soul purpose and connect daily with heart-centred, like-minded people.

You might not be into cold water dunking but if you’re reading this article, this could be your reminder to do a quick life review and check (and maybe upgrade) your self care routine and the people who surround you.

If you need help to work out what “your thing” is … please reach out! I’d love to help.

And if you’d like to join us crazy cold water dipping mer-people … I can guarantee you’ll be welcomed with open arms … you can check out the group on Instagram and Facebook @submerge_phillipisland

Blessings Pip

p.s. I want to say thank you Holly Shipton for creating such a wonderful community.

p.p.s. We have nurses and other health care professionals in the group, but if you’re curious about how the cold water may affect you, please check with your own health care professional.

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