I started to argue my ‘rightness’ but then …

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This week’s blog is about relationships … ooooo I know … it’s a triggering topic. 
Probably because we cannot exist without other people. 
We might wish we could go to a cave in the mountains and be a hermit. 
No problems up there, right? 
You and your mind are still there. 
You and your ego are still there. 
Okay I’m just gonna day it … 
Your relationship issues are there because YOU are there. 
Don’t shoot the messenger now.  *grin* 
You know me … I will show you with love what I mean. *hug*
Yes … other people do say and behave in ways that are not cool. 
Yes … other people can be aggressive. 
Yes … other people can come into our space and disrupt our peace.
And … 
As my dad used to say when my siblings would sit on me, or steal my teddy bear, or provoke me … “you have a choice how you respond.” 
You are the powerful master of your world. 
You are the super hero of your own life. 
You are the wind keeper (a little “Friends” reference there. *wink*). 
I know that is not what you wanted to hear.
Well it’s not what your ego mind or personality wants to hear. 
It’s so much easier to blame the other person.
Seems like it’s a powerful position. It definitely feels superior. 
You know how it feels to be right? We think this is ‘good’.
And you know how it feels to be wrong?  We think this is ‘bad’.
But I don’t believe feeling superior is powerful. 
After listening to Robert Holden’s podcast (author and life coach) I am coming to believe a new definition of powerful. 
It comes from within and it is loving. 
Don’t THINK about this, FEEL it. Breathe it in. 
When you ‘win’ an argument and you are ‘right’ – do you truly feel at peace? 
Does the ‘wrongness’ of another person really and truly bring you happiness? 
Can you honestly say ‘I’d rather be right than happy?’ 
I can’t … 
In the past (and quite recently) I have made decisions and acted (with loving intent) but without any thought of the consequences and then when my actions were not received well, I started to argue my ‘rightness’.
But it didn’t feel good to argue because on some level I knew it was time to accept. 
Cheryl Richardson (author and life coach) says that sometimes when the Universe doesn’t feel a situation is healthy for us, it will close the door so we can NEVER go back. 
I know this change was meant to happen. 
And rather than continue to be right, I now CHOOSE peace. 
Let me share with you one of the ways that I’m doing it.  
I am doing a daily prayer of intention (morning and night) … and it goes like this:
“Dear Guardian Angels (or you can say God, Source, Archangels, Buddha, Allah) 
Thank you for taking care of all my money, life, family, and health issues. 
I surrender all that is not in my control to you.
Thank you for supporting me to let go of fixing or solving.
And thank you for helping me to be fulfilled as I help other people.
And so it is.” 
Please feel free to adapt this to suit your needs. 
Your life is meant to move forward and your Soul is meant to expand … please … I lovingly encourage you … don’t stay stuck in the past because you would rather be right. 
May you be happy and at peace. 
Blessings Pip x

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