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This week’s blog is about overcoming fear to achieve your goals …
I have had some strong guidance from my angels and spirit guides in the last few weeks to ‘get the book published’.
Over the past 10 years I have been writing down the funny, crazy, and soulful stories from my time working on cruise ships.
And I figured that ‘one day’ I would think about publishing them.
Of course, I didn’t really know if anyone would be interested in reading my crazy stories. But when I tell people bits and pieces they always say ‘you should write those stories down’.
Also, I was a bit nervous about sharing some of the crazy things I did with the world. More to the point, I was nervous about what my mum would think of the crazy things I did.
I think everyone can understand the desire to please our parents. Approval of our behaviour is one of the ways we can determine if they love us.
Connecting love and approval together can be risky though, if the things that you choose to do are perfectly acceptable for you in a certain circumstance but not necessarily choices your parents would make.
It can take years to come to a place of being okay with not having them approve of every choice or decision.
I’ve decided that it is important to recognize that their love of me is (in the grand divine scheme of things) not conditional on the choices I make.
We are all a unique and divinely perfect soul who is allowed to make choices, take risks, try new things, push the boundaries and explore the world. Love is who we all are in truth.
Fear happens when we cut ourselves off from the truth and start listening to the ego mind.
So, I sent my book draft to a publisher this week … and he liked it, A LOT!
I am now about to start planning some chapters based on his recommendations. I am still feeling a bit nervous but now I am also excited, hopeful, passionate and honored that someone wants to help me publish my story.
You can follow your dreams too … what would you like to do?
Be brave my friends … it gives back huge rewards!
Pip xxx

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