I said “That sounds great!!” with no hesitation

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This week I’d like to share with you a story about synchronised events. 
I love it when the Universe surprises me with beautiful new people. 
It seems to be happening more and more …

I know it’s a significant meeting when I get that sensation of pleasant pins and needles from head to toe. 
It was like that when I contacted Ocean Reeve Publishing to start creating my book.  (*yes it’s coming soon Phil …😉)

So … a few days ago I got a call from a woman who said she’d move to Phillip Island and had been looking at my Facebook page and felt she had to talk to me. 
We chatted about how we are both Reiki Masters, have travelled overseas and worked in similar industries.
It was so easy. It flowed. 

She said ‘I’m also a singer and I play the Tibetan bowls … maybe we can do some meditation classes together.’ 
I said ‘Yes that sounds great!’ 
It just felt right.

I had no hesitations about meeting her for coffee.
We then talked for 2 hours until the cafe threw us out. 
Now we are looking at dates to do Moon Meditations and Sound Chakra Meditations. 

Watch this space my friend! 🙂

And so this week I ask you … 
Are you open to being surprised and delighted?
Are you allowing synchronistic meetings and events to happen?  
Are you answering the intuitive calls of your heart and soul? 

Please feel free to share your thoughts, feelings and synchronistic stories on the Facebook page … @Conscious Courses and Therapies
Or share directly with me – by replying to this email. 

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