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This week’s blog is about … following your inspirations …
I’ve been teaching people how to follow their heart’s desire and trust their intuition for the past 12 years and yet it still sometimes surprises me when my advice works. *laugh*
I recently did an Angel Card Reading for a lady and she wanted to know about her life’s purpose. It’s a common question. And a big one.
What are we here for? What is it all about? Why? 
And I gave her three (3) tips that have helped me in the past …
1. Every day, when you are reading a magazine, book, paper or looking at a community notice board, take particular note of the things that you get excited or inspired by. Circle the adverts on the page. Take the tab off the flyer. Rip out the page in the magazine. And start to create a collection of fun, inspiring things that you might like to do. 
2. Look at that collection of inspiring things to do and start to talk about some of them to family, friends, shop keepers, and even strangers in cafes … and see what happens. 
3. Trust your intuition.  When you follow the inspiration the most amazing things start to happen. 
Example #1: When I told my client to try this, she went out and started collecting treasures. And one day she was guided to go to a gathering on Churchill Island. While she was at the gathering she started to talk to a man in the group and during their conversation he told her how he loved to sing. She said ‘I love to sing too. Where do you sing on Phillip Island?’ And he told her about some groups that he sang with. He also gave her the name and number of a lady who ‘knows everything’ that happens in the area. She was delighted because she had been looking for a singing group to join and didn’t know where to find them.
Example #2: I have had a similar experience recently. I have been getting thoughts, feelings and hunches from my guides to do more writing. Finish and publish my book. Be more creative. But I was not really listening to this because none of those things make money … and I really thought I needed to be focusing on making money. But the feelings persisted and my guides insisted this was the way to go. One day I felt tired, stressed and unbalanced. So I went for a Bowen therapy session and my therapist suggested that I write editorial articles for the newspaper or the Vibe magazine. This idea felt good so I figured it was worth asking about.
I called the Vibe magazine and asked if they’d be interested in me writing some health, well-being, personal development articles. She said ‘Yes!’ and was very excited. ‘A space has just opened up for 2018 and I wasn’t sure who was best to fill it. You would be the perfect person. Do you want to do a monthly column?’ I was delighted. This was great – I will be writing and creating money. Win/Win. 
Why not try these three (3) steps yourself. Then send me a message to let me know where your inspiration takes you.
Blessings Pip x 

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