I helped my sister get her new teaching job using reiki …

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Yes, it’s true! … I helped my sister get her new teaching  job and manifested the perfect rental house for myself this month USING REIKI …
Now you might be thinking … “How is that possible, Pip? I thought Reiki was only a hands-on therapy. It’s not a manifesting tool … is it?”
Well it is BOTH … when you do the Reiki Level One course you are taught all the hand positions on the body for balancing emotions, calming the mind, assisting with pain management and allowing the body to heal itself. Then when you do the Reiki Level Two course you are taught the unique Reiki symbols that allow you to send Reiki energy to people who live far away and situations (past, present and future). Pretty cool huh?
I am constantly amazed at how quickly I am able to create the things I want in my life when I use the Reiki symbols to send loving energy to situations. This month I manifested the perfect house for me to live in and run my new classes from … and I assisted my sister in manifesting her new teaching job. BOOM!! LOL …
The process is super easy and the extra bonus is that when you send Reiki energy to someone or something else, the energy flows through you, so you get the physical benefits of relaxation and a calmed mind.
Feel free to ask me more about the Level One or Two courses.
Blessings Pip x

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