I feel bad and I don’t know why!

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Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I feel a bit ‘meh’ and I am not sure why. And it can take a funny Instagram audio to snap me out of it. That’s what happened today.

Listen to PODCAST EPISODE #181 – I feel bad and I don’t know why. HERE

Today I created a reel on my Instagram page with the audio below:
“I just feeling really down these days, and I don’t know why.” Person 1
Have you exercised today? Person 2
“Did you go outside?”
Did you talk to anyone?
Did you eat well?
Did you limit your scrolling time?
Did you make any plans?
Did you drink enough water?
Did you get enough sleep?
“Wait – wait yes … yes to that one!” Person 1
“Yeah, no it’s a mystery.” Person 2

And it made me laugh SO HARD!
This is not only a perfect example of conversations that I have with my clients (and friends and family sometimes) but ALSO … what happens in my own head on occasion.
Can you relate?
I mean, seriously, we all KNOW this stuff and yet … sometimes we have selective amnesia right?
So, I thought it might be fun to have a chat about these suggestions above and why I don’t do them and what might help me (and you) to do more of them – to feel better, more often.

Have you exercised today? This morning I had not exercised until I got home from my ocean dip, so I had to say ‘no’ to this question. And it definitely shifted my mood once I had done some movement of my body. There is no argument here, the movement of the body changes brain chemistry and you DO feel better. Sometimes it’s just hard to actually get started. One step at a time, is my methodology. Put on your shoes. Get your iphone set up with a playlist. Choose your favourite hat. And just start to walk, dance, run, ride … you’ll never regret it.

Did you go outside? Even though I had done my ocean dip, I still felt a bit ‘meh’ – so I could say ‘yes’ to the question, but I had not shifted my mood fully yet. Normally a cold-water dunk gets me 90% sorted, but there was some stuff pending that was worrying me.

Did you talk to anyone? Yes I spoke to 6 people at 6.30am and then another 2 people at the cafe, and it did help to talk about things that were not my issues. Focusing on other people will make a big difference if you are overthinking. Particularly if you’re overthinking about yourself.

Did you eat well? I had not eaten yet, as I prefer to do that a bit later – intermittent fasting is fantastic for a healthy body and mind – and it totally helped my mood once I did it. Note – eating WELL is the key.

Did you limit your scrolling time? Yep I had limited my iphone time because I was up and out of bed, then driving to the beach. That one is such a time-sucker right? Scrolling endlessly does NOT improve your mood. Although I have found a super-funny account on Instagram called @thetinychefshow that is HILARIOUS! Always feel better after watching that little chef puppet sing.

Did you make any plans? I noticed that the uncertainty of the day was making me worry the most. Having a plan does make a difference to feeling secure which affects your level of positivity. Humans need to be certain of key things in their daily life.

Did you drink enough water? That was sorted because I had my celery juice and lemon water before I left to swim. And I had a chai tea at the cafe. I was fully liquid-ated?

Did you get enough sleep? Well, my sleep was pretty good – although I was up at 2.30am – I felt happy with my quality of sleep.

I would add to this list:

Did you meditate today? Yes I did my Tony Robbins priming (meditation and visualisation) process on my way home from swimming. Felt grateful and centred after that.

Did you do something meaningful (for your soul)? This is an important one. There is a lot to be said for having things in your day that give it depth and juice. Reading a book with a good plot. Listening to a podcast with inspiring speakers. Tuning in to classical music or high frequency tones. Helping a neighbour to garden. Arranging food for a family in need. Donating money or time to a charity that moves you.

So, when I feel bad and I don’t know why … it’s time to do some personal development. Ask yourself some deeper questions. Take these action steps above.

In the end, we are responsible for our choices each day. If you are feeling down there are so many ways to take care of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. You CAN take control. You CAN lift yourself. You CAN feel better. It’s up to you. One of things I do is … I choose to jump into the ocean. It’s something I recommend to my coaching and therapy clients too. If you combine personal development, moving your body and connecting with nature .. there’s a massive value-add. It’s compounding the goodness. We are not one-dimensional beings. We have 4 key elements of ourselves. If you only focus on one, you are missing the other key elements.

I love coaching people to bring all the elements into alignment. That’s what divine-ology is all about.
Contact me if you’d like to chat about where you are and where you want to be regarding feeling better. You can book a divine discovery phone call HERE.

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