I didn’t ask if it was okay …

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This week’s blog is about surprises … 
I’m not sure who said this quote but it resonates on a deep level right now. 
“For those who believe (in you) no words are needed. For those who don’t no words are enough.”
Isn’t that so true? 

I’ve added the (in you) because I had a surprising incident at work. 
In a nutshell, I put up a flyer for my meditation class and I didn’t ask this person if it was okay. 
He got upset.
I apologised. 
He said I didn’t ask. 
I apologised again. 
He said it was inappropriate. 
I pointed out that this is a wellness centre … how is it inappropriate? 
He said he was worried about what I’m saying to the clients. 
I’m not sure what he thinks I’m saying? 
He took down the flyer (and some other decorative pictures that I’d put up). 
I was confused at the intensity of this interaction. 

He then called the owner of the business and said he is not comfortable working with me anymore. 
And the owner decided to take me off my shifts with him. 

And … no matter what I say they are not changing their mind. 

My initial reaction was shock.
I mean, it was a flyer. 
Doesn’t that warrant really a ‘slap on the wrist’ warning? 

Now if you are intuitive (and most of you are) you know that there has to be something more going on. 
When someone has an over-the-top reaction to a small thing, it usually means they’ve been holding onto bigger things. Right?  

So, what I have done in the past in this situation is try to convince the co-worker that I’m a good person.
Tell them that I’d never do anything to knowingly upset anyone. 
I’d say “I’ll change myself.”
I’d say “I’ll do whatever you want.”
I’d say “I promise I won’t say anything about alternative wellness ideas to any clients. Ever!” 

But … this time something told me ‘No!’ 
I have spent the last 15 years teaching myself and others how to be their true authentic self. 
How to NOT say those things. 
How to NOT change yourself. 
How to NOT accept less that you deserve. 

The fact is I can’t promise with integrity that I won’t say anything to the clients. 

If I see someone struggling with grief or depression or anxiety or stress, I might suggest a meditation or reiki or acupuncture or something loving to do for themselves. 

I care about the whole person standing in front of me. 
One treatment protocol is not going to address all our issues all the time. 

Sometimes you will need a massage. 
Sometimes a relaxing salt bath. 
Sometimes a meditation. 
Sometimes a kinesiology session. 
Sometimes a chiropractor. 
Sometimes a full weekend healing retreat. 

Needless to say it seems that we disagree fundamentally on the concept of holistic wellness. 
So, that’s a surprise. 
I thought we were all on the same page. 

Your life can change in a moment! 
Usually it’s because you are not being served well by the current situation. 

My truth is … the casual shifts I had have been reduced.
So now I have more time for ME to take the next steps of getting my book published and …
I have more time for YOU. Yay!! 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday appointments are now open for … all the good stuff …
– Courses – Reiki, Crystals, Meditation, Angels and Animal Spirit Guides 
– Treatments – Reiki & Bowen
– Readings – Cards and Mediumship 

Let me know what you need. 
I’m OPEN!! 
Blessings Pip x

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