I can’t live with myself …

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Have you ever thought or said  “I can’t live with myself” … “I don’t like myself” … Or something similar. 

I don’t know many people who haven’t at some point.

And as I listened to Oprah’s conversation with Eckhart Tolle (on her Super Soul Sunday podcast) … it intrigued me. 

He asks us to consider … 
Who is I? 
Who is myself?

I had never thought about it like this before. 

We are talking to ourselves. Sure.
But what part of You is talking to what other part of You? 

Eckhart says that the ‘I’ part is our Soul. 
Our expanded, infinite, divine, whole consciousness. 
And the ‘myself’ part is our Ego. 
Our earth-focused, dramatic, fear-based, security-focused personality. 

Mind blown … right? 
I’ve been talking to my Soul and it’s been responding all my life!? 
How did I not know that? 

Did YOU know that? 
Maybe you intuitively, kinda, sorta knew it … I mean as much as I am saying I didn’t know it … my Soul knew it. 

My point is we have access to a deeply connected and spiritual part of ourselves all the time. 

Abraham Hicks says that when we feel pain it is a ‘Soul-response’ to our Ego being mean to ourselves.
They suggest that being kind and loving to yourself will take away the pain in your body and mind. 

Here is a quick way to help you connect with your Soul.
Find a quiet space to sit or lie down … 
Breathe (three deep breaths) …
Then ask these two questions:
‘What does my Soul want?’ 
‘What does my Ego want?’ 
Listen …
Write it down …
Post the answers on your mirror or the back of the toilet door to remind yourself.

I can tell you that my Soul wants me to laugh, teach, dance, play, write, create, love, be joyfully in the present and focus on my blessings. 
And my Ego wants me to be careful, safe, practical, logical, and to focus on the future and the past. 

Don’t get me wrong, we need the Ego to survive. It does keep us safe. 
And please remember you are not just a physical being. 
You need more than safety. 
You need passion, love, joy, magic, and much more … 

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (French Philosopher and Poet) said we are a Soul living in a body, not a body with a Soul. 

Dr. Christiane Northrop (author of Goddesses Never Age) says there is a place within you that’s infinite, celebrate it and find your way back to you.  

Let me know how you go. 

I’m available for coaching sessions Thursday-Sunday, if you need help. 
Call 0437 670 820 to book or discuss. 

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– let go of fear
– let go of sadness
– let go of frustration 
Your Soul will thank you. 
And so will your family. 
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Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast … every Monday she’s talking to Eckhart Tolle about his book ‘A New Earth’. 
Christiane Northrop … ‘Goddesses Never Age’
Abraham Hicks … ‘Getting in the Vortex’ 

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