How to STOP ‘SHOULD-ING’ all over your life!

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This weeks blog is about frustration … I have always been a person who makes decisions easily and takes action. I find something interesting to do, get all inspired about it and then throw myself into the doing.
Over the years I have discovered that this is not something everyone does. Some people really struggle with step one … just finding something interesting to do can be difficult. Then if they do find something interesting to do … they don’t know how (or they are scared) to get inspired and take the action steps. So they get frustrated.
Frustration comes up for me when I am trying to do something I believe I SHOULD do. Aha … yes … hmmm … the word SHOULD is very interesting … so loaded with judgement …
For example:
I should get a job instead of running my own business.
I should have a boyfriend.
I should be friends with all my siblings.
I should lose weight and get healthy.
Blah blah blah …
And none of those SHOULD statements make me feel good. They are all based on a premise that I am not good enough as I am … right now.  That my decisions thus far have been flawed and bad. And that therefore, I am flawed and bad.
Frustration is fascinating because I was thinking that it usually has an underlying element of fear. Yes … that’s what I said … fear.
Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being lonely. Fear of change. Fear of the same. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of not getting what we want. Fear of getting what we want (finally). etc. etc.
And so I am going to share with you a ‘should-stopping-recipe’ …
change the word ‘SHOULD’ to ‘COULD’ … now you will find that these statements are empowering:
I could get a job instead of running my own business.
I could get a boyfriend.
I could be friends with my siblings.
I could lose weight and get healthy.
I know it may seem simplistic … but taking away the judgement will take away the pain and frustration.
Be kind to yourself my friends.
Blessings Pip xxx

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