How to deal with all the guilt!

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Yesterday I was chatting to one of my coaching clients about taking the next step forward and making her pleasure, growth and development a priority, rather than focusing on others 100% of the time.

She said “I don’t know if I can do that, Pip… I feel SO guilty that I’m choosing my needs first.”

Woah … yep that’s a big one.

Especially for women.

I bet you’ve felt the same way at some point, right?

We are taught from a very young age that boys are allowed to do whatever they want, but girls have to take care of everyone … and THEN they can do whatever they want … if there’s time.

What a crock of SHIT!

I mean seriously, what is THAT all about?

Why are girls told that they can’t do whatever they want?

Why are girls told they can’t be powerful?

Why are girls told they can’t be strong?

And yes, the times they are a changing … I watched a Netflix series where the woman was trying to decide if she would follow the man to another country to pursue his work dreams. She decided not to go. They ended the relationship. She built a successful business independently and then years later met the man again. They got back into the relationship and then again, he asked her to follow him to another country to pursue his work dreams. She said to him “Why does the woman have to sacrifice all their dreams, to support the man?” And he said “I don’t know.”

Then the next scene is her running to the airport to say “Okay, I’m coming with you.” But he is standing at the counter getting his bags taken off the plane. And he says to her “You’re right, I was thinking about why DOES the woman have to sacrifice everything to support the man. And so I decided to stay here and support your dreams.”

It was the first time I have seen this narrative clearly spoken out loud in a popular tv show. And I was impressed.

So, let’s get back to that GUILT…

I’d like to do a tapping meditation with you to shift some of that guilt and help you to move towards taking care of yourself FIRST. The fact is … when you “put your mask on before others” and when you recharge yourself – you can better help others. And let’s face it … you’re a nicer person to be around.

Hope that was helpful to you.

The truth is that you are worthy and you are enough.

It’s SO IMPORTANT that you recharge and make your personal growth a priority.

Nancy Levin says that guilt is an indication that you are taking care of yourself. So embrace that feeling.

If you’d like to do more work on your feelings of guilt, or other emotions that are blocking you … let’s have a chat.

You can book in a complimentary divine discovery phone call or zoom meeting to see if we are a good match to work together. The link is below (in the show notes):

Blessings Pip

p.s. Send me a message if you’d like a copy of the tapping script … then you can try it on your own.

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