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This week’s blog is about my friend … Anxiety Girl …
She comes to visit now and then during the year … when I have a stressful day at work or a family gathering or an argument with the boss.
But during the lead up to the Christmas holidays she likes to stay for a bit longer.  Do you know her too?
Are you having trouble sleeping?
Are you making list after list after list of ‘things to do’?
Are you feeling a bit light headed and tight in the chest?
Are you worrying about the people you have to interact with?
Are you feeling like you’re over Christmas and it’s not even here yet?
I have worked out some ways that have helped me to look after Anxiety Girl and maybe I can help you too …
* One-on-one relaxing meditation session – to reset your mind to calm
* One-on-one reiki energy healing session – to settle your nervous system
* One-on-one EFT tapping session – to let go of anxiety and feel peaceful
Anxiety Girl needs nurturing and love. She needs to know that you are taking care of her. She needs you to pay attention and honour her.
You can let go, de-stress and allow the Christmas craziness to wash over you. You are safe. All is well. Trust.
Let me know if I can assist.
Blessings Pip x
p.s. Try my 5 minute meditations for FREE on this link below:

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