how PIERCING my belly button introduced me to reiki energy healing …

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It’s a funny story … I was really keen to have a belly button ring. All the cool kids had one. I was 25 and had a flat stomach and thought ‘Why not?!’ … and … as it turns out … many reasons …  :0)
Anyway, the desire to have a metal bar in my belly button lead me to my first experience with Reiki Energy Healing. Not your every day story of healing. I went to the Hobart mall and found a place where they did piercing. The man was pleasant and the piercing was not really painful. He told me to lie on the bed for a few minutes in case I got dizzy. So I chatted to him for a while and then when I felt okay I left.
It was only after walking to the food court that I started to feel a bit ‘woozy’ … and when I was right near the kebab place I fainted. The lovely lady from the kebab shop came over and put a cold towel on my head and I called my flatmate to come and pick me up.
My flatmate laughed at me and said ‘Why didn’t you tell me that you were getting your belly button pierced? I could have helped.’  I did not really understand how. She said ‘I can give you some ray kee to help with healing the piercing and balance your energy.’ I was confused. She had never mentioned this ‘ray kee’ before. ‘What is ray kee?’ I asked. She said she would show me. So we went home and she had me sit on the couch next to her. She gently placed one hand over my belly button. After a few minutes the area near my belly button got hot and tingly – it was not unpleasant, just felt odd. I also started to feel calmer, more relaxed and less dizzy. After about 20 minutes she took her hand away and the area near my belly button felt very cold.
She continued to do some gentle healing over the next few days and my belly button healed and I felt a lot more balanced.
After this experience I asked my flatmate what else Reiki Energy could be used for … turns out lots of things … period pain, confusion, headaches, sadness, stomach aches, anger … all sorts of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. So I decided to do the Reiki Level One training for myself then I could treat myself all the time. It was the best thing I could have done.
Now I am a fully qualified a Reiki Master and I teach other people how to do Reiki Energy Healing. It is such a blast to see people opening up and using this gift for themselves and their family. I love it.

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2 Responses

  1. I found this article because I was searching my navel piercings and energy blockage and I wonder if you still have a navel piercing?
    I had my navel pierced 3 years ago, it had always make me feel really good. I recently had a serious infection (not related to my piercing) and I was at the hospital for 1 month, I’m still in my recovery path, 1 doctor told me I should remove my piercing because it affected my autoimmune system. Now every now and then I feel pain in my navel or un comfort with my piercing. I really like that piercing in me. Do you have any advice to share with me? I would like to make an informed decision

    1. HI Ile, thank you for your comment and question. I don’t have my navel piercing anymore. I found it affected my balance and energy. But if you like the piercing and your body is responding positively then keep it. However, if your body is reacting negatively perhaps you could replace it with a different adornment eg. a tattoo, or a temporary ring, or a body-art sticker, or something that does not pierce the skin. Your intuition is best. Don’t listen to other people – even a doctor may not give you the best advice for your body. I appreciate you connecting and being so open and honest. Blessings Pip

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