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This week’s blog is about your cells … and how sound can affect them. Did you know that your body is 70% water? 
All the cells in your body that make up every organ, muscle, bone and tendon are full of water. 
And did you know that water can absorb and ‘remember’ the energy around it? 
Dr Masaru Emoto did a series of experiments on water and ice crystals in 1999 and published a book called ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’.
He discovered that “…in contrast to tap water, natural water displays a beautiful array of crystals – even more so when the natural water is exposed to beautiful music. There are also fascinating differences generated in the crystals when the water is shown different words, such as ‘gratitude’ or ‘stupid’.” 
The water that was exposed to beautiful music and positive words (written on the jar) created perfect, symmetrical crystals. But the water exposed to harsh or angry music and words created shattered and fragmented crystals. 
He concluded that we can affect the structure of our cells by the sounds and words (and even our thoughts) around us on a regular basis. He even suggested that cancer and other illnesses that are caused by the mutation of our cells – are being created by the sounds that we are exposed to. 
What effect are the sounds that are around you on a daily basis having on the cells in your body?
Are you surrounding your body with uplifting, happy, positive sounds and words and thoughts?
I remember reading this book and being profoundly moved by it. 
Of course, the sounds around us affect our bodies.
Have you ever been near an argument and felt the anger or frustration in your body? 
Have you ever been at a concert and felt the music pumping in your belly or your head or your heart? 
Have you ever been to a Sound Healing session or a Meditation class and felt the waves of the music washing over your body?
This is how sound vibrations affect us.
If you are aware of the effects of sound you can take action if it doesn’t feel good. 
– leave the room
– change the music on the radio
– stop talking to the person on the phone
– turn off the TV show (mute) that’s making you feel bad
– find a space / class / therapist that offers Sound Healing
– buy a gong / singing bowl / bells to use for clearing yourself
If you have any questions or you are just curious about Sound Healing, please feel free to call me or you can come along to the Sound Healing Meditation class on Friday 13th April @7pm. 
Pam Pitts and I will be running our monthly session in Cape Woolamai.
We’d love to see you there.
Blessings Pip x
Pam –
Pip –

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