How I found my Soul at sea … and how you can find yours!

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This week’s blog is about how to find your soul in ANY space … 

When I was working on board cruise ships I initially thought I would ‘play’ for 6 months and then move onto something else. 
But the environment offered me more than just a space to play.
I got to try of different behaviours.
I got to practice public speaking. 
I got to be more sexually fluid.
I experienced being in a hurricane. 
I got to explore countries I’d never considered visiting. 
I got to live in very close proximity to 4000 people in the middle of the ocean. 
I got to explore friendships with people I’d not normally have chosen.
I learned how to deal with narcissistic, angry, cowardly, egotistical managers (& guests & crew members). 
I got to become more aware of my likes and dislikes. 

And after a while that crazy, intense environment (3 years) it started to make me tired. So I began to choose different things to do, I had different conversations and I began to shift. 

I began to do more yoga – it felt good. 
I read more books – it raised my consciousness. 
I began to do meditation – it calmed me.
I began to choose higher vibe friends – we supported and raised each other up. 
I began to see things about myself that were supportive of my life and some that were not – it helped me reset.
I began to focus more on my state within and less on conditions outside – it helped me felt more empowered. 
I began to bring a soulful side of me to all my activities – it brought me joy.
I began to teach self development and meditation classes on board – it connected me to my spiritual essence. 
I began meeting more connected and intuitive guests – it refreshed my view of humanity. 

My perception of the world outside shifted significantly, as I shifted my inside ‘world’. 
Wayne Dyer said : when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Working on a cruise ship is not your average job, I get that … there are very unique conditions to deal with … but the essence of this lesson is relevant to any issue or life situation. 

Trust me. You can become more aware. 
You can change anything you don’t feel is serving you. 
You can grow and expand. 
You don’t have to work on a cruise ship. 

So, my invitation to you this week is to consider how you can shift your view of your situation, relationships, job, health, or life to create positive change. 

My book Finding my Soul at Sea will be released very soon – stay tuned. 
​Pre-orders will be announced via email and on all social media. 

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