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This week’s blog is about the magic of Sound Healing …
I first came across this type of therapy in Tasmania when a friend took me to The Quiet Cone in Latrobe (website link is below).
They have a purpose-built 10 foot high concrete cone that is perfectly set up for Gong Relaxation Sessions.
We lay down around the outside of the cone on a mattress with a blanket and a pillow with our feet towards the middle of the cone.
It was a magical one hour experience.
As the musician played the gongs, crystal bowls and other beautiful instruments I was transported to a deeper level of awareness.
The concept is that our bodies are made up of 75% water and when we hear / feel sounds this vibrates the water in our cells in a particular way. So positive or uplifting sounds like music, beach waves, voices and even thoughts make our cells vibrate in a healthy way.
And negative or depressing sounds make our cells vibrate in an unhealthy way. And this has recently been linked to the creation of cancer cells in the body. Interesting huh?
During the gonging session I felt my body vibrating and humming. My mind became calm and peaceful. And my soul … well I think it left my body to dance around the inside of the cone with all the other people there. It was a soul-party. *grin*
So, when my friend, Pam, told me she did sound healing sessions on Phillip Island I was very excited. She uses the crystal singing bowls and the crystal pyramids and recently has added the tuning forks to her tool box. She also does Reiki Energy Healing, so it is a very unique experience.
If you are interested in trying out some Sound Healing … we will be doing a couple of Sound Healing Meditation sessions in the next few weeks.
Check out “What’s On This Month” tab for more details.
Pip x

The Quiet Cone website:
Lasting Sounds:

The Quiet Cone – more information:

The Shape
The pyramidal shape of the Quiet Cone is reputed to have geometric properties that focus positive energy and deflect negative emotions within the cone. The secret of the Cone shapes power lies in the angle of the sides and the harmonic balance that it inspires.

The Scent
Australian Aboriginals used natural essences such as sandalwood in various ‘smoking’ ceremonies, but modern science is only now coming to understand their therapeutic qualities. These scents provide an uplifting sense of relaxation, reducing stress and assisting in a number of health related treatments.

The Sound
The potency of symphonic gonging is not only therapeutic but can also have quite an astoundingly positive effect on our body’s energy centres. Its resonance strikes deep within the cells of your body, creating a harmonic attunement that allows you to enter a deeply calm meditative state.

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