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This weeks blog is about your guardian angels … I remember when I first heard Doreen Virtue say that everyone has guardian angels. I was not a religious person so I didn’t think that I was ‘allowed’ to have them. She said: “Your angels believe in you, even if you don’t believe in them.” It was very reassuring. I loved that.

Some of you may have a relationship with your guardian angels already. You might ask them questions. You might pray to them. But you may not know for sure if they are answering you. Right?

Well there are a variety of ways to communicate with angels:
* Say it – speak your request out loud – either directly to the angels
* Think it – mentally ask your angels for help. The angels hear your thoughts with unconditional love.
* Write it – pour your heart out to your angels in a letter.
* Visualise it – hold a mental visual image of angels surrounding yourself, your loved ones, your vehicle, your plane or the situation in question.
* Affirm it – say an affirmation of gratitude, thanking the angels for resolving the issue. Then let go and trust that they will take care of it in a divinely perfect way.

Then … you need to look out for the signs that they are answering you.
While the variety of signs you might encounter is almost limitless, several forms they take have proven consistent and powerful.
Most common ways in which angels deliver messages are:
• Feathers
• Angel-shaped clouds
• Coins
• Rainbows
• Meaningful songs
• Heavenly voices

I always know that my angels are around when I find feathers in unusual places … like under the door mat or attached to my favourite jacket. Once I even found one under the cup that my pens are held in on my desk. The more unusual the location the more likely it is to be an angel message.
If you’d like to learn more about how to talk to your guardian angels, I have a new 5-week course starting on Wednesday nights @7pm from the 26th October.
Pip xxx

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