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The fairies are shy beings who are reluctant to reveal their identity or location unless they are assured that you are a sincere person or that they will receive something in return. Doreen Virtue PhD says that as with any relationship, we need to initiate the process of receiving help by either requesting it or doing the fairies a favour. Fairies love gifts. They are especially fond or candy (unwrapped, of course) and sparkly or shiny objects like aluminum foil or crystals. Put something shiny like aluminum foil under a glass in your kitchen, then ask the fairies (out loud or in your mind) to bring back the lost item in exchange for the shiny thing. Then allow the fairies to bring it back in their unique way.
Be aware that sometimes this might take a few days or a week.  Once you get your item back make sure you put their special gift out into the garden to reward them, as promised. Any lingering doubts that you have had about fairies will completely vanish! Let me know what the fairies help you find. Have fun!
Reference: Doreen Virtue PhD. ‘Fairies 101 – An introduction to connecting, working and healing with the Fairies and other Elementals.’

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