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This week’s blog is about crystals … I thought it was an appropriate topic because next week I am starting a Crystals 101 course.
A lot of people are not sure what crystals are … so let’s talk about the difference between crystals and stones that you find in the garden.

What are crystals? All crystals are minerals, but not all minerals are crystals.
So, what’s a mineral? All minerals follow this mnemonic device: SNIFC

  • Solid -at normal Earth temps it occurs in a solid state
  • Naturally occurring (unlike man made: strawberry quartz; which is not quartz at all, this is simply a man-made glass, synthetic diamonds, aura quartz, etc.)
  • Inorganic (unlike amber, coral, jet or other petrified wood which are organic since they all came from a living thing)
  • Formula – it has a chemical formula that never varies (for example quartz’ formula is SiO2)
  • Crystalline – its molecules are arranged in an orderly repeating geometric pattern…that’s what “crystalline” means (unlike obsidian, which is a volcanic glass…not crystalline at all)

Crystals are different from stones because they have a repeating crystalline molecular pattern which is easily seen in the larger form: fluorite, quartz, garnet…so they look like a crystal!
Did you know that you can use crystals by wearing them, putting them under your bed or drinking their vibrational essence for all these conditions and issues?
* Pain
* Anxiety
* Protection
* Balancing emotions
* Fear
* Worry
* Safety
* Focus
* Healing the heart
* Manifesting your desires
and much more …

If you want to learn more maybe you could join the 5-week Crystals 101 course that starts on Tuesday nights @7pm-8.30pm at Mitchell House, Wonthaggi.  It’s $20 casual price per class ($17 concession).
Give me a call 0437 670 820 to book or ask me questions.
Blessings Pip xxx


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