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Are you finding yourself talking about COVID in every conversation?
Do you start out talking about the book you are reading or the meeting you just had, and suddenly … you are back to COVID again?
Do you wake up and go to sleep still thinking about all the bad stuff going on in the world?
I want you to know … you are not alone.
We are all feeling the fear and trying to manage it in our own way.
I know … it feels like a crazy outta-control world right now …
But let me assure you that there is a way to reframe and feel safe.
The wonderful thing is that we DO have control of our own minds.
You may disagree, especially if you’ve gone down the Facebook rabbit-hole watching videos of people at US political rallies. (but I digress)
In her book, Uncharted, Colette Baron-Reid compares our fears to dragons within.
“It’s natural to fear the unfamiliar, and traditionally dragons are feared because we can’t control them – kind of like our fears, which get away from us. We fear our fear; that’s understandable. We fear our anger too because that’s hard to control. But fear and anger awaken us to the true nature of dragons; they represent our power. When you feel fear or anger and want to run, that’s when you need to go within and claim that power for yourself.” (page 59-60)
The thing to remember is that fear takes away your true power if you try to deny it, or hide it, or squash it down. It shuts down your intuition and your ability to reconnect with your soul. It leads you down a twisty road of misaligned perceptions that appear real. Colette called this fear “self-centred fear”. (Note: we are not talking about rational fear that you experience when you are truly in danger.)
Self-centred fear usually shows up when our small self (or ego) is not getting what it wants, losing something it cares about, not belonging or being ridiculed or being hurt emotionally.
The COVID situation has pushed our small selves into control overdrive. Some of our individual freedoms that we highly value, have been outranked by greater societal and health rules. It makes perfect sense that we would feel anxious and fearful.
So, it’s important to manage those self-centred fears, turn them around and trust the power within to lead you forward, miracles do happen.
Colette talks about awakening your “Observing Self” and realizing that you are in the “landscape of fear”, similar to the Dalai Llama who encourages us to say, ‘I am WITH fear’, rather than saying, ‘I AM afraid.’ It is a temporary emotion that will pass, not part of your identity.
Then she suggests meeting your dragon (fear), saying ‘hello’, honouring it and doing a guided visualisation to bring yourself back to the safe place of love and support.

If you’d like to listen to the guided visualisation called ‘Get on that Winged Creature’ – I have created an audio recording of the script from Colette’s book, that you can listen to it BELOW. 

 Whatever way you choose to soften the intensity of self-centred fears … it all comes down to radical acceptance, compassion, kindness and self-love.

Pip Coleman is the creator of The Divine Alignment Code coaching program, specifically downloaded for Earth Angels who are feeling frustrated, lost, anxious or disconnected from their true Self. This program will help you to re-set, re-align and re-balance.
Contact Pip on pipcoleman@yahoo.com.au to book in a complimentary ‘what’s it all about?’ chat.

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