how a march fly bite helped me Address my irritations at work.

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My topic for this week is about irritations in your life … this has come up for me because I was bitten on my arm by a very large March Fly and the bite has blossomed, red and very itchy, in the last 3 days.
Now you might not think that this is a spiritual or metaphysical topic … but Louise Hay says that any time that there is a physical irritation in our lives it is representing a mental or emotional irritation that we are dealing with. For example: Are your eyes irritated? She would ask: What are you seeing in your life that is rubbing you the wrong way? Are your feet itchy? She would ask: What area of life are you not wanting to move forward or step ahead? Are your ears itchy or blocked? She would ask: What are you hearing in your life that is annoying or you don’t want to hear?
Louise also says that the right side of your body is your masculine side representing work, career, and generally giving out your energy. The left side of your body is your feminine side representing family, relationships and generally receiving energy in your life.
Now based on these two premises my right forearm is where the very itchy, irritating bite is and so, my irritation on a metaphysical, spiritual or mental level is with my work or career. It is localized on the forearm. Arms generally represent carrying responsibilities or tasks. So, I ask myself … what part of my tasks and responsibilities at work are irritating me right now?
And this makes a lot of sense to me … I’ve been focusing on some specific tasks and getting all upset about them. They are small and petty but if I spend too much time focusing and dwelling on these things they will become bigger.  Just like the March Fly bite will get bigger if I focus on it and scratch it.
So, now that I am aware of my true irritation I can address it and let it go. I could use EFT tapping to talk through the irritation to reduce the emotional upset. I could spend some time in meditation gaining some perspective on what is important in life. I could do some ‘mirror work’ where I say to myself in the mirror ‘It’s okay. I honour all my irritations. They are indicators of things that need changing. And I make changes easily in my life.’.  And finally, I could talk to my boss about some ways to improve the processes, tasks and responsibilities at work.
It is always important to do the self-care work FIRST and then speak to others, if needed. Then you will be coming from a place of love, healing and peace rather than anger, upset and irritation.
So, as my bite gets a little less itchy, my work issue also gets a little less annoying – I hope this helps you identify the source of your irritations … Please send me a message or call me if you’d like to talk them through.
Blessings Pip x

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