His ‘job’ is a Barber. His ‘work’ is education.

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This week’s blog is about the difference between your job and your work. 

This morning I was listening to an Oprah Super Soul Conversation podcast.
She had Wes Moore on the show and he asked a powerful question: “After years working at the same job, have you ever realized you’ve just been going through the motions for as long as you can remember?” 

I have SO many people who come to me as clients and students with this concern. 
It could be your job, or your relationship, or your whole life that’s on auto-pilot. 
Wes says there is a big difference between your ‘work’ and your ‘job’. 
And I really resonate with that.
​Although I use the word ‘passion’ instead of ‘work’. 

He gave these examples:
Derek, a Barber in a rough area of New York, who gets kids to bring in a book to read and he does their hair cut for free.  His job is a barber. His work is about education.
And Maryann, a make up artist, who does workshops for cancer survivors. Her job is Makeup artist. Her work helps women feel beautiful who’ve been through a trauma..  

This is exactly what my friend Lili and I were discussing last week. 
Lili is a retail shop assistant who says she always has women coming in to her dress shop that need counselling. Her job is a retail assistant. But her work is lovingly supporting these women to feel nurtured and supported. 

You might be noticing the same thing in your life. 

The thing that keeps me moving forward in my life is the deep knowing of my ‘why’. 
If you don’t have that … everything can become very surface level, robotic and unfulfilling. 

While I was writing my book I was asked by my publisher to identify why I was doing it. 
It will help you stay focused, ignore the nay-sayers and be more successful – he said. 

That same week my business coach asked me to read the book ‘Start with why’ by Simon Sinek to get clear on the reason I’m in business. 
It will help you stay focused, ignore the nay-sayers and be more successful – she said. 

True!! Ha ha! Synchronicity – I just love it! 

My book is about the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual adventures I had while living on cruise ships for six years … these were vital steps in my journey to discover my authentic self. 

My business is focused on supporting women to discover and express their authentic self more fully … by using Reiki energy healing, Angels, Meditation, and Psychology. 

Aha! I’ve got it! 

My why is … I’m here to teach people to accept themselves as equally unique Souls. By accepting myself fully, I’m modelling and supporting self-acceptance for others.

So this week I’m asking you to explore what might be YOUR why. 
What drives you? What are you passionate about? Who do you feel drawn to serve, help or support? 

You have something to contribute to the world. Everyone does. Find out what it is and your life will shift to a more fulfilling place. 

Your Soul will deeply thank you. 

If you need help with this process, please feel free to call me. 
Private coaching packages start from $120 … 

Blessings Pip x

p.s. Wes Moore is a New York Times best-selling author, Rhodes scholar and decorated U.S. Army veteran. He used to be a Wall Street banker but he walked away from financial success to create a more meaningful life. Books: ‘The Other’ and ‘The Work’.

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