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This week’s blog is about how to engage in the world without getting sucked into the drama … 
I was listening to Dougall Fraser (author and coach) this week and he was talking about how empathetic people have trouble watching TV, and the news in particular, because they get drawn into the drama and feel very emotional. 
I can really relate to this because I have not watched the news for many years. It was just too upsetting. I was constantly getting triggered by the graphic images and dramatic stories. So I disengaged.
I have heard a lot of my students and clients say they have done the same.
Dougall says that although this seems like a good thing to do, now we are disconnecting from the world. 
How can we fully be of service if we are completely disconnected? 
Yes, it is VERY IMPORTANT that we need to protect our sensitive energy and have strong boundaries.
But we also have a responsibility to step into our Light Warrior and Healer purpose. It’s the only way that the world will shift from darkness to light.
Hiding away in our cave means our light is not fully shining. 
So, here are Dougall’s tips for re-engaging with the world.

1. Choose to READ the news not WATCH the TV. 
– it is less dramatic 
– find a credible news source that presents the facts
– choose new sources from both sides 
– ideally don’t read news on Facebook – more opinions not facts.

2. Select a concentrated amount of time to engage – 15-20 mins per day. Then switch it off. 

3. Allow yourself to disconnect 
– choose to honour your sensitive self 

4. Choose if you will focus on domestic or international news 
– dial in to where your passions are
– you won’t get as overwhelmed this way 

5. Grounding yourself is important. 
– choose a ‘cause’ or an action step to take to keep it relatable – eg. write to a politician, donate money, or sign a petition or join a rally. 
– when we take action change happens! 

I loved these tips because they are very simple and clear.
Of course, only take steps that feel good and right for you. 

Ask yourself where do I like helping? 
Start simply. 
Be consistent. 

Blessings Pip xxx

Dougall Fraser – author of Your Life in Colour: Empowering your Soul with the energy of colour and But you already knew that; What a psychic can teach you about life and website: 

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