hell yes!! please send them over right now!!

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What if you could have a Reiki therapist treating you every day? 
What would they do? Well they would … 
Calm your mind when you lose it. 
Ease your pain when you overdo it.
Soothe your soul when it’s aching.
Help you sleep peacefully.  
Help you easily process your food. 
Chill out the kids and/or your partner. 
And generally make your life happier. 
You’d probably say … “Hell yes!!! Please send them over right NOW Pip!!!” 
And then you’d hesitate … and you’d say “ahhh but – how much will that cost?”
And I’d say … well let’s see if you paid me to come over to your house, it would be $100 an hour x 8 hours x 365 days in a year = $292,000 !!!! Woah … that’s not cost effective.  
But … if you do the Reiki level one course and learn how to do Reiki energy healing for yourself … for your family … it would only be $400 (that works out to $1.10 per day for a year and then FREE for the rest of your life!!!!!). And you can even pay it off over a few installments.
What!? That’s awesome! 
The course is designed for beginners, so it’s super easy and anyone can learn. Truly. 
Call me to discuss how you could add Reiki into your life. 
The April courses start after Easter!! Yay!! 

P.s. you might like to check out these testimonials from some other ordinary people (like you) who did the Reiki level one course:

Julie – farmer: “I’ve never done anything like this before, and I found the course easier than I expected. Course material was quite detailed and easy to follow.”

Annette – carer / mum: “I feel that the course was worth the money. I’ve done Reiki on some of my clients and they love it. I enjoyed the experience and hope to continue with Reiki, so see you in the future.”

Sarah – chef / mum: “I’m a single mum and I work in the hospitality industry. I’m stressed out, a lot. If I had not done Reiki Level One this summer there would have been bodies on the floor. I’m so grateful to have done this course.”

Caren – business owner / mum: “The Reiki course has been an amazingly powerful step towards my spiritual enlightenment. It’s helped me to stop identifying with my head as much and move into mindfulness. Not to mention helping me to relax! I looked forward to every class and can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Jaren – IT student: “I liked the hands-on practicals and spreading the attunements out over 4 weeks. I’m surprised at how warm / hot my hands and body have been since beginning the course.”

Belinda – business owner / mum: “I always walk away from your classes feeling alive and connected with all the possibilities this Universe has to offer! Thank you.”

Erin – bookkeeper: “I liked that it was an easy going and informative course, a very calming environment, loved the feeling of peace at the end of each session and loved that it was over a few weeks not a weekend. I developed a more positive attitude, loved the attunements and was blown away by the pendulums.”

We are all amazing, energetic beings with the power to connect to the Source of all things. 
Is it time for you to try something that will open your mind, body and soul to that power?

Feel free to make contact if you have any questions. Pip
0437 670 820 or www.consciouscoursesandtherapies.com
Reiki Level One courses – April 4th and April 8th (4 x 3-hour classes)
Reiki Level Two courses – April 3rd and April 6th and April 7th (3 x 3-hour classes)
Reiki Level Three (Master) course – dates to be confirmed. 

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