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This weeks blog is about our thoughts creating our reality …. have you ever wished or prayed or sent out a declaration to the Universe for something? Did it come to you? I ask for things all the time but sometimes they don’t come … and I wonder why. 
I decided this week to re-read ‘The Secret’ … have you read it? … seriously it’s a game changer!
About 6 years ago I was introduced the movie of the ‘The Secret’ and it was one of my ‘AHA moments’.  The concept that what we focus on manifests in our life was something that I had heard before.
Think positive and you get positive right? It made so much sense.
But when I saw it presented in this way with doctors, physicists, religious leaders, authors and teachers from around the world saying that it’s actually a Universal Law.
It is an energetic, universal law (like gravity) … that you amplify what you put your attention on. You become a magnet for all things you pay most attention to. So, if you focus on all the bad stuff that is happening in your life (or the world), you will see and get MORE BAD stuff.
Well … now … THAT just resonated deep in my soul. I got it.
Because that means … if you focus on all the good stuff that is happening in your life (and the world) then you will see and get MORE GOOD stuff. Wow! How could that change YOUR life and how you are living it?
Ask yourself … am I focusing on the good stuff or the bad stuff?
Am I amplifying things I WANT in my life or things I DON’T want?
Am I being a ‘crap magnet’ or a ‘joy magnet’?
And the answers will be in the the exact way that your life is right now.
The good news is … that you CAN CHANGE it … Yay!!!
By deliberately choosing to focus on and talking about and thinking about all the things you love in your life, all the things you are grateful for in your life, all the things you are happy about in your life, all the things you love to do and all the things that you would like to have in your life … MORE than the other things.
Here is a good tip … when you are talking about the good things EXPAND the story … make it bigger and more elaborate. When you are talking about the bad things MINIMIZE the story … make it quick, small and less detailed. This really helped me to stay on track.
It might take some practise … we are very good at focusing on the bad stuff. It might have been 50 or 60 years of focusing. I get it.
But truth is … do you want to keep creating the life you have or do you want a more joyful, happy, peaceful, abundant life?
Spend MORE time focusing on good than the bad.
Simple as that.
I am reminding myself to practise this too …
Let’s see how we go!

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