Have you heard of “radical rest”?

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I was reading ‘Witch – unleashed. untamed. unapologetic” by Lisa Lister and she used the term “radical rest” to refer to the time of menstruation for women.
Deep Resting is what we are actually MEANT to do at that time in our cycle.

“The ancients had their very own built-into-their-bodies method of radical rest. Yep, back in the day when bleeding with each moon wasn’t considered a curse, our menstrual bleed was a time to dream. … We feel guilty for not keeping up with men, so we keep working and never resting. … It’s why so many women suffer from pain during their bleed, because they’re not resting, they’re no longer open to receive their SHE-led wisdom.” p 193-194.

This was a DEEP-AHA for me … do you feel it too?
It has never made sense to me to keep going and going like we do in this culture.
And since 99% of my clients are women, I see them struggle with this too.
We are always running from place to place, event to event, obligation to obligation, wondering why we feel resentful, frustrated, angry, and exhausted. Never resting …
Now it makes sense huh?
Women’s bodies have cycles, like the seasons and the moon.
We are not like men in this very unique way.
Our feminine power is our intuition, creativity, and deep connection skills.
Women actually need to have specific periods of rest (see what I did there?).
So, I’d like to encourage you to bring some “radical rest” into your life.
Even if you don’t stop completely … at least slow down at that time of the month.
And if you don’t have a period anymore, you might like to do what Lisa Lister suggests and align your activities, rituals and focus to the cycles of the moon.
For example: The new moon is a time of setting intentions and opening to possibility, so there is more energy flowing and you will be more likely to want to be active. The full moon, however, is a time of releasing and letting go, so you can use this time to do your ‘radical rest’ practices – like yoga, meditation, napping, reading, massage, etc…

So, to help you with this important shift, I have just introduced The ‘Me-Time Space’ – a new service by popular demand!
When you book in a ‘Me-Time’ session you’ll get 30 minutes alone on my massage table, in my studio in Cape Woolamai (Phillip Island) to rest, dream, and just BE.
If your day is filled with noise, deadlines, stress, pressure, chaos, rushing, or just too many crazy people, this is perfect for you!
You’ll walk away feeling centred, clear-headed, grounded, blissed out, calm, sane and ready to re-join the world.
What are the main benefits? I hear you ask:

  • The space is relaxation-ready.
  • The essential oil diffuser will be on and crystals available to hold.
  • I will intuitively choose an oil for your session.
  • There is a comfy blanket and plushy pillow.
  • The music will be calming and soothing (or you can choose silence).
  • It’s a dedicated quiet zone
  • Not trying to find the space in family home, which isn’t always inducive to relaxation – that’s awesome!
    And the best part is …
  • You don’t have to feel guilty because it’s only 30 minutes and you’ll be better when you interact with everyone in your life.

Me-Time single sessions, 5-packs and 10-packs are available.
Send me an email to pipcoleman@yahoo.com.au to ask questions or just book your session in my calendar today. CLICK HERE
Of course, you can also book in Reiki Energy Healing, Bowen Therapy Body Alignment, and Divine Alignment Coaching to assist with your “radical rest”.
I’m always happy to speak to you about your particular needs.

Book in a complimentary Divine Discovery Call HERE.
Blessings Pip

p.s. if you’d like to listen to the podcast episode #126 about this topic CLICK HERE

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