Have you been playing the crazy, doomsday ‘what if’ game?

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This week’s blog is about how your mind can make you crazy … and then physically sick!
In the last 8 days I’ve been feeling very tight.
Tight back.
Tight belly.
Tight chest.
So I did my usual relaxation techniques but nothing was shifting the physical feelings. Hmmm …

So I asked my body ‘what’s going on?’

And my body said … Well Pip – you’ve been playing the crazy, doomsday ‘what if?’ game haven’t you?
And I said … No!?
Okay … yes I have.
But I want to be positive.
I know. But it’s time to tell the truth. Tell me how has the ‘what if’ game been playing in your head?

Let’s see … I’ve been thinking …
What if people hate my book?
What if they judge it … and me?
What if they criticise it … and me?
Or … even … 
What if they don’t care, ignore it or just say nothing at all?
I’ve spent all this time writing. What a waste of my time. 
Have I been wasting my time? 

Then I was thinking…
What if everything changes?
What if the book is a massive success?
What if I have to travel overseas again?
What if I get everything I’ve wanted?
And … even … 
What if I put out the book into the world and absolutely nothing changes?

Holy Moly! Yep – this mind is out of control.

So, understandably after all this scaring-myself action, I was feeling more and more anxious.
I finally booked in to see an Acupuncturist and then a Myotherapist. 

She worked on my belly / diaphragm… ouch … but when it released. Soooooooo good.
Then she did my hips / gluts. Ouch more!!! But great once released.
Then she worked on my upper and middle back and discovered …
“Hey Pip. I think you have a rib out.”
“What!? How?”
“Could have been tight due to stress, then twisted or coughed or sneezed. Lots of things. But it explains the intensity of your physical sensations.”
“So I physically manifested a rib out … with all my anxiety … and that amplified my fears of publishing my book?”
“Well – seems like it.”
“Ahhhh … now I can breath.”

She could not completely re-align the rib – so we told the Chiropractor in the clinic … and he popped it back in.
Then I could breathe. Stand properly.
Belly not tight.
Back not tight.
Chest not tight.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh seriously!!!!!!

The other thing that happened this week is I got a part time job at a beautiful homewares shop in San Remo.
And it has been a breathe of fresh air … surrounded by whale and surfer photographs, sweet smelling soaps, spotty wrapping paper, llama mugs, soft cushions, fluffy toys, crystal, jewellery and pretty dresses.
I SOOOO needed this distraction and reality check.

I get it now …
I really get that I choose what I do and feel. I’m in control.
I’ve spent 16 years building my self care and authenticity muscles.
Leaving my tiny town to go to University opened me up to level 1 of authenticity.
Travelling overseas was level 2.
Working on cruise ships was level 3.
Running my own business was level 4.
And now this book launch is taking me to level 5. 

Just because I might be going back out into the spotlight doesn’t mean I have to stay there all the time … nor does it mean I have to do it the way that others have done or how someone else says.
It’s my book. It’s my life.

So other than feeling very tender right now (after my massage) I’m feeling great! 😁
The universe loves me.
It’s all working out exactly how it’s meant to.
I love me. I trust me. I’ve got this.

If you need help with re-framing, re-setting, re-aligning or just need someone to vent to … you can book in for a one-on-one coaching session or a healing treatment.  And there are Reiki Level One and Two course spaces still available for October and November.
I look forward to seeing you soon. 

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