Happy Jack was there … but he wasn’t happy

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This week’s blog is about random spot-on intuition … have you had it?

I remember my dad entering the kitchen when I had brought my new boyfriend home to meet the family. 
He wandered into the room and sang loudly … (I think it was a Beatles tune? or The Who?) …
​He sang … “happy jack was there but he wasn’t very happy” 
And we all laughed:
Then we paused. 
And we looked at Jack. 
He looked surprised. 
I said ‘Dad … why did you sing that? Jack isn’t unhappy…’ 
‘I don’t know’ … he said shrugging … ‘it just came to me.’ 
The he wandered out of the room whistling. 

I felt a bit uneasy, and had a feeling of ‘knowingness’ in my stomach. (*Note: I didn’t know it was ‘knowingness’ back then). 
‘Are you unhappy?’ I asked later.
But Jack assured me he was good. He said he was enjoying the visit. And he was keen to do some travelling around Oz. 

Little did we know … Dad was right. 
After that day in the kitchen there were a series of events that lead to the relationship ending. 
And when I look back now I have to say Dad’s song was spooky in its accuracy. 

Have you had that happen to you? 
I called it “random spot-on intuition” … 
And although people normally think women are the only ones who are intuitively switched on, I’ve met some pretty cool men who are tapped in to their intuition all the time. 

If you’ve ever made a comment like my Dad that made people gasp, or look surprised, and then they stutter and say ‘What!?? No no no no … I don’t know what you’re talking about … I’m fine.’ 

The key here is that they look like they aren’t fine.
They feel to you like they aren’t fine.
Their tone of voice is somehow ‘off’.
But their words are saying otherwise. 
Have you been there? 

So, here are some tips for you to trust your intuition. 

Look … at their face, eyes, body … are they sweating, looking down, fiddling with hands, or breathing shallowly, …

Feel – what is YOUR body doing as they speak … do you feel tense, nauseous, jumpy, wobbly, angry, hot, cold, lonely, afraid, … 

Hear – listen to their tone of voice. Are they saying ‘I’m happy, fine, good’ … but their tone is angry, sad, or frustrated. Sometimes their volume will be louder than it needs to be. ‘I’m FINE!’ … 

A lot of the time we may not know on conscious level that we are not happy. 
Jack didn’t know on that day back in that kitchen. 
He was sure things were going well. 
Our subconscious mind or inner truth shows itself through the mirror of our body language. 

Pay attention to these intuitive cues and you’ll learn a lot more about people than the words they speak to you. 
We are all capable of tapping into a more conscious version of ‘random spot-on intuition’ … 
​Trust me. Trust yourself. 

If you need any more tips or support let me know.
Blessings Pip x

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