Four ways that working on cruise ships is similar to menopause!

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I know … this might seem very random, right?
Well, not really … you see I’m about to launch my book Finding my Soul at Sea (yay!) – it’s all about my spiritual journey to discover my authentic self and life’s purpose, while working on a floating city in the middle of the ocean.
And on the 12th of October, I’m teaching a workshop with yoga teacher, Wendy Anastasi, about giving yourself permission to shine (and be your authentic self) while navigating the natural transformations that happen during menopause.

They are similar in these FOUR key ways:
1 – the feeling of being adrift or ‘lost at sea’ is commonly how my clients – both male and female (aged 50-60) – describe their emotions.
2 – the feeling of being surrounded by people with whom you don’t really have anything in common and/or who irritate you.
3 – the feeling of being out of control – like your life has someone else at the helm.
4 – the feeling of hot flashes / night sweats – on a ship it’s because of the tropical location or the vacation “activities” you indulge in … *wink*

There is an exciting opportunity in both circumstances to embrace your power and discover the answer to the ‘why am here?’ question.

Dr. Christiane Northrop says: 
“The more women who ignore ageist stereotypes, the better the chances are that all of us will stay healthy. That’s because we are all connected energetically. And when a woman breaks out of the box of limitation, she makes it easier for the rest of us to do the same. … Our task at midlife is to realise that our most joyful and pleasurable years can be ahead of us. … no other stage of a woman’s life has as much potential for allowing a woman to understand and tap into her power as this one – if, that is, she is able to negotiate her way through the general cultural negativity that has surrounded menopause for centuries.”

Working on cruise ships was an important transformational phase for me. I was working on board from 27-33 (another pivotal energetic time – during my Saturn return) … and I learned how to be totally authentically me. That environment allowed me to try on different personas. And, most significantly, it gave me valuable tools to step into my life’s purpose.

Most people – male and female – go through a transition during mid-life and I want you all to know that it doesn’t have to be full of drama, frustration and pain. 
It can be a joyful, revealing, inspiring, meditative and loving time.
Yes … please believe me … I’ve seen people do it.
It can give you strength, happiness, wisdom, peace and purpose.

Indigenous cultures take time to celebrate all the significant transitions in their lives. They are sacred events.  Western cultures seem to deny that these transitions are even happening, and so I feel it’s time to reclaim the celebration of these events.

So, Wendy and I would like to invite you to join us for a celebration of life, and specifically this transformational menopause stage of life.  You will experience a Strengthening & Energising Yoga class, a “Happy Big M” Meditation, an “Emotional Clutter-Clearing” & “I Luuurve My Body” Tapping, lots of fun & laughter, a safe and supportive space and … a FREE goodie bag 

Give yourself permission to shine workshops are on Saturday 12th October:
Morning session 9am-12pm
Afternoon session 1.30-4.30pm

For more details and to book tickets online – CLICK ON THIS LINK:
Or contact me to discuss other payment options.  Email or call me on – 0437670820 

For more details and to book tickets online – Go to:
Or contact me to discuss other payment options. 

My book Finding my Soul at Sea – will be available for pre-order very soon! Stay tuned. 
Blessings Pip x

(**NOTE – these workshops are for women – but if you are a man struggling with mid-life issues and you’d like us to do something similar for men, please send us a message and we will consider this for the future.) 

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