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This week’s blog is about money … yep … I don’t know what you have been doing, but I have been focusing WAAY too much on the lack of money in my life. And so, I thought that it would be helpful to you (and me), if I shared what my new actions and thoughts will be to shift this.
1. Every time I think about my lack of money I will say a new affirmation. Instead of ‘I don’t have enough money.’ I will say: ‘Abundance flows to me in unexpected ways. I can afford everything thaFIVE TIPS FOR ATTRACTING MORE MONEYt I want and need.’
2. I will play the ‘Money Game’ for 30 days … this is fun! … what you do is you get a journal or a diary and you start on Day #1 with $1 which you have to spend on that day. Then you double it every day … $2, $4, $8, $16 … etc. etc. Making sure that you find things to spend your imaginary manifesting money EVERY DAY. When I played this game before I was surprised at how most of my bills were paid and I was perfectly content by day #7 and then I had to think hard about what to spend my hundreds and thousands on.
3. I will donate $5 to a charity every time I think I don’t have enough. There is always someone worse off that me. And then the Universe knows that I have an abundance mindset. Giving is an important part of the process. You can’t just receive … there needs to be a balance of giving and receiving.
4. I will focus my attention on the things that give me JOY and LOVE … two very important energies in the process of manifesting abundance. Good is attracted by good feelings. What can you do to feel joy and love and it doesn’t have to cost any money? Walk on the beach. Bath. Read a good book. Meet a good friend for coffee. Laugh at a comedy movie.
5. I will listen carefully to my Divine guidance from my abundance angels. I think I am missing their messages because I am listening too much to my ego that is freaking out. Sometimes the loving messages of our abundance angels like “call a friend” or “visit that website” or “speak to a publisher”, get drowned out by our constant worry thoughts.
So, just for good measure let’s ask them:
‘Dear Abundance Angels, please make your guidance louder and more obvious this week. I am willing to listen. And take action. Seriously, I promise. Thank you.’
I wish you all a wonderful abundant week.
Let me know how you go. 
Blessings Pip xxx

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