Expect more for yourself! DON’T settle!!

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​Sometimes the Universe yells at me … “Increase your standards and expect more for yourself. Don’t settle!”
Let me share with you … my R&R story … 

Just before Xmas I got a casual position with R&R. 

From the first day I got (what I call) a Madeline vibe …
If any of you read the Madeline series of books as a child, you’ll remember there is a line in the book that goes … 
“In the middle of the night …
Miss Clavell turned on the light …
And said ‘something is not right!’ …” (Madeline – written and illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans).

And I really felt that ‘off’ feeling from that first day. 
People were doing their job.
Clients were coming and going. 
And it all seemed normal from the outside. 
An island business doing its busy-thing in summer. 
No big deal right? 

I wasn’t sure if the ‘off’ vibe was because I was starting a new job (something I’ve not done for years) … 
I thought the feeling would go away if it was just ‘learning discomfort’. 
So I kept going to work … 
But … 

I saw and heard things that weren’t being reported. 
I watched the other staff struggle with issues not addressed. 
I learned all the procedures easily and still felt ‘meh’.
I was trying way too hard to ‘make it work’.
Ever been there? 

So, I had a meeting with my manager to address my concerns. 
I was polite and honest.  
I was scared … speaking up can be challenging. 
I knew even though I wasn’t going to be there forever, I wanted to try and make a difference. 
All my comments were either dismissed or minimised. 

I knew then that my ‘off’ feeling about this business was SPOT ON! 
I had to leave … ASAP! 
I set the date. 
I wrote a long resignation letter with reasons why I was leaving and suggestions to improve the business. 
Then I sent it to my sisters to get some feedback. 

One sister said ‘Well done! You spoke your truth, I’m proud of you.’

The other sister said ‘It’s honest and kind and I know you want to help but … why are you trying to help a company that you’ve already spoken to and they ignored / dismissed you? Perhaps you could write a detailed letter for yourself and burn it. Then send them a quick email saying – “goodbye, thank you for the opportunity but I’m out.” … and move on to the bigger and better things that you deserve!’

And … I felt it in my heart … 
She was right … I was trying to help them but they didn’t want my help. 

I spent a few days … preparing … mediating … 
I forgave them for not being ready to step up as an employer. 
I forgave myself for forgetting that someone outside of me can’t give me more than I can give myself. 

I thanked them for the extra money over summer to pay my rent and bills. 
I thanked myself for recognising that I’m worthy to be treated A LOT better. 

I value my happiness first. 
I know that good vibes inspire more good vibes! 
Thanks for this epic reminder Universe! 

I got my last pay yesterday. 
I sent a simple resignation email.  
And … 
I got no response. 

I feel SO much better knowing I’m not going back into that space. 

My book is almost ready to launch. 
My business is going very well. 
My other casual position at TLC is cool. 
And … 
I’m re-committing to setting my sights higher. 

How about you? 
What are you settling for? 
Where in your life are you feeling the ‘off’ vibe? 

If you’d like help to identify, address and manage ‘off’ vibes in your life, give me a call. 
Blessings Pip x

Private coaching packages available. 
Check out www.consciouscoursesandtherapies.com – CLICK ON THIS LINK to the Private-coaching sessions page
Contact me by calling : 0437670820or email : contact@consciouscoursesandtherapies.com 

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