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This weeks blog is about trust … 
I always do an angel card spread for myself each week to get some guidance, to get clear on my intention and to help me focus my attention. 
This morning one card jumped out of the deck with great force. It was:
EVERYTHING’S OKAY … “Don’t worry. It’s all working out in a beautiful way.” 
I know I teach these concepts to my clients every day, but sometimes I need to be reminded too.
Sometimes my mind runs away with me.
Sometimes my fears and worries get louder than my faith.
Sometimes my feelings of unease linger too long.
And so, I want to assure and remind you that no-one is perfect.
We all have times when we are not connected, not happy, not focused, not in alignment. 
And I want to be clear. I am not saying that now you know this we should all wallow in the space of ‘ohhhhh we are all damaged and broken’ … 
I am sharing this with you to make a clear point.
We all need to be reminded to come back to our heart centre.
To that knowingness inside of us.
To that quiet space in your soul.
And breathe. 
And trust … that everything’s going to be okay.
We need to remind ourselves that things work out for us all the time. 
We are not a slave to our fearful mind.
We can choose to focus on our trusting heart. 
Then … MOST IMPORTANTLY … we need to take ACTION to shift ourselves out of the state of fear and worry and anxiety to a better feeling state.
I like to walk or ride my bike.
You might like to garden or go to the beach or sit in a park. 
Most of the time getting out in nature is the cure. 
Something about being outside with the birds, animals, sunshine, grass, sand, wind, and rain (I do live on Phillip Island *grin*) … brings us back into a place of trusting in the Universe. 
Trusting in the circle of life.
Trusting in the wisdom of the earth.
Trusting in the power of the world to keep turning.
Trusting in the knowledge that the sun will rise again tomorrow.
You are part of all of that. 
Know that.
Trust that.
This brings me back into that better feeling state. 
Hope it helps you to do the same.
Blessings Pip x

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