Ever had rotten tomatoes thrown at you?

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This week I’d like to address the fruit and veg in your life.
No I’m not talking about your diet. 
I’m talking about when the universe throws rotten tomatoes in your path and you have to decide on the next move …
Do you step over, dodge, turn around, clean it up, eat it or … ??? 
Ever had this happen? 
Your travelling along … blissfully happy and unaware of someone else’s brewing issues. 
Then BAM!! 
They share the issues with you. 
Rotten tomatoes … in … your … face! 
Sometimes they share kindly. 
Sometimes not so much. 
Now you have a choice how to react. 

I have to say my normal go to with conflict is to avoid. 
I don’t enjoy confrontation. 
However, in the last ten years I’ve improved my ‘self worth quotient’ and now I feel a lot more empowered when I am confronted with a rotten tomato. 
I’ve come to realise that my self worth doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else. 
Yep it’s all about me. 
Don’t get me wrong I’m not running into fights willy-nilly now. 
I just practice consciously standing in my power and listening to all the points of view before choosing my path. 

It can be challenging if there are a lot of rotten tomatoes coming at you. 
Fortunately it doesn’t happen often these days, especially since my self worth process has involved removing from my life people and situations that don’t make me feel good. 
Some people can really push all our fruit and veg buttons, right?! 

I’ve just finished reading ‘How to be your own Genie’ by Radleigh Valentine, and I’m putting into practice a new technique… 

He says: “… hold up your arms to (the Universe) Heaven and say: ‘Okay, okay. I didn’t like that. But I trust you. I know you love me. I get it. I’m not trapped here. No person or thing can keep me from finding a way to make my dreams come true. So bring on the tomatoes, though if it’s all the same to you, I’m officially now placing my order for white feathers, instead. Show me what direction to go.’ 
If you can just grasp this concept of ultimate love no matter what is happening in your life – if you can embrace this practice of faith – then you’ll have a far greater power over your own happiness than you can possibly imagine.”  (page 149) 

So, if you DO get tomatoes I wish for them to be squishy and easy to make into a delicious sauce, … but more importantly waking you up and directing you AWAY from the people throwing them. 

But ideally I wish for marshmallows, white feathers, coins, rainbows, and other wonderful signs that will lead you TOWARD loving, supportive, happy and magical life experiences. 
And (side note) remember you don’t have to clean up someone else’s fruit and veg mess. 

Blessings and hugs
Pip xxx

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