Don’t worry about the HOWS …

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In my treatment room I have a poster on my wall that says: 

“Don’t worry about the HOWS … from The Universe” 

I was looking at it today, as I did a relaxing Reiki session with one of my clients. 
And I remember putting up that poster when I started my business.

It reminds me to stop overthinking.
It reminds me to be in the moment.
It reminds me to let go of the planning. 
It reminds me every day that the more important question is WHY?

The wonderful Simon Sinek writes that if we don’t know WHY we are in business … or doing or job … or in this relationship … or alive … we lose the passion for those things.
How many times have you done jobs or been in relationships that don’t inspire you?
How many of you are feeling unhappy, frustrated or overwhelmed?
Ohhh wow! Yeah!
That really struck a cord within me.

You know that feeling?
When something resonates to the core of your being.

You know that it’s true when that happens … right?
You may even feel emotional.
That is your Soul responding. 

If you have a clear vision of WHY you are doing what you do … you can make choices that support it.
Your WHY needs to be a compelling and inspiring and exciting one.

As humans I believe we crave purpose.
Actors in a scene will say ‘What is my motivation?’ to get into their role more fully.

So, I am asking you, this week, to consider … what is my inspiration? … for your job, relationship, or life.
Take some time to consider if the things you do are inspiring you.
And if they are NOT … take a breath.
Honour and congratulate yourself for your awareness.
Then take ONE step today to move toward something that does inspire you.
Eg. read an inspiring book, listen to a podcast, or watch a video that lifts you up … 

If you need help with any of these steps, please feel free to call me on 0437 670 820
or email:

I have been where you are … and I know that you can find your WHY and be inspired too.
Blessings Pip x 

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