Don’t edit out the sexy bits!!

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​This week’s blog is about editing yourself … 
I’m currently reading my book manuscript out loud … and doing final edits, before it goes to formatting. Yay! 

In the process of reading, I’ve noticed myself thinking ‘oh that’s too sexy’ or ‘oh no that’s boring’ or ‘oh that’s kinda cheesey.’ …. and the loudest thought has been ‘what will they think?’ …  
*Thank you self doubt and judgement. 

And although it is important to remind myself (and you) to more loving and less critical, that’s not what I want to share with you today. 
I want to tell you about the bits I was starting to delete. 

I was editing a story about a surprising hook-up with one of my good friends. 
He’d offered to help me make my ex-boyfriend jealous.
We’d spent the evening ‘pretending’ to flirt and … as the night went on we completely forgot that we were pretending. 
And … when we got back to my cabin at the end of the night the sexual tension had naturally built up.
The intensity of the feelings surprised us both.
We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.
We just went with it. It was totally in the moment.
And it was awesome!!!

I had originally written ALL of the details of how I remembered that very hot encounter. 
Yesterday I was editing it away. 
I was editing away one of the key events in my cruise ship life.
I was editing away one of the most liberating things I’d ever done. 

Luckily, I had a conversation with my sister last night and I told her what I was doing. 
And she said ‘No! No! NO!’ 
She reminded me that the whole theme of my time on ships was the freedom and liberation that I experienced – mentally, emotionally, physically and later spiritually.

“If you edit out the sexy bits you’ll lose a key part of the authenticity of the story. Besides you KNOW that’s the bit everyone loves to read in a book …” she said wisely. 

And she was right. 
So, last night … until 1.30am … I put the sexy bits back in … so, my friends … be ready. 

Working on board ships was key to building my confidence and shifted my life in a whole new direction.
I’m really excited to share my honest experiences with you. 

And, my invitation to you this week is to consider where you’re editing yourself … and why? 
I say embrace and share your completely sexy, funny, wise, crazy, magical, passionate, weird, sensitive, loving, powerful, and totally authentic self. 


NOTE: You can READ MORE HERE about my book Finding my Soul at Sea – to be launched in the next month or so. 

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