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This weeks blog is about the spiritual benefits of learning how to do Reiki … When I ask people what they know about the Reiki Energy Healing, they usually say either:
“It’s a hands-on healing technique that helps my body to heal itself” or they say “It calms and clears my mind and brings a feeling of peace.”
But they usually don’t talk about how Reiki works on a spiritual level.
When I teach Reiki Level One I always tell my students that this is a process. You are starting a journey to get to know your true self better.
During the course you will be opened up and connected to the Universal / Source or God energy that we are made of and that is all around us.
The word Reiki literally mean ‘Universal’ (REI) and ‘Energy’ (KI or CHI).
So, if you join a Reiki One course you can look forward to a shift to a higher level of consciousness which may lead to:
* A greater awareness of energy exchange & interactions between people
* Recognising a force greater than yourself
* Improved relationships
* Moving beyond past hurts…. having a more forgiving attitude
* Letting go of limiting beliefs and attitudes
* More non-judgmental attitude towards people and events
* Changes in lifestyle eg. food, exercise, job etc.
* Embracing spiritual activity eg. meditation and prayer
* Attracting a more positive, vibrant life.
So, if you are ready to make a shift in any of these areas of your life, give me a call.  I look forward to supporting you in this journey.
Pip xxx
The next REIKI LEVEL ONE COURSES (4 weeks) start on:
Tuesday 10th October @9am-12pm and Sunday 5th November @3.30pm.

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