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This week’s blog is about using your intuition to make decisions … 
I have to tell you that most of my life I didn’t know I was using my intuition. 
You know when you are looking for jobs and there is an advertisement that ‘jumps out at you’ … 
You know when you are meeting a person for the first time and you get a ‘good vibe’ from them …
You know when you want to travel to a certain country and you’ve just ‘felt like it would be a cool place to visit’ …
Well … THAT is your intuition!
That good vibe … that feeling … that seeing something jump out at you … that’s your internal GPS (your intuition) giving you tips.
And we’ve all had those tips when we are going the wrong way too right?
You’ve been in a job that ‘makes you feel sick’ or ‘irritated’ or ‘frustrated’…
You’ve all been in a relationship that you knew felt ‘wrong’ or ‘off’ from the beginning …
You’ve all been in a situation where you feel ‘uneasy’ or ‘fearful’ but can’t quite pin-point why …
So, I have a cool process that I learnt from Robert Holden (author of Shift Happens) that can help you to tap into your intuition and make better decisions.
He says to use the Traffic Light System when making decisions or choices.
a) Think about the decision eg. should I take this job? or start this relationship? write this book?
b) Feel in your body … when you consider this question does it have a RED light reaction (STOP! NO!) or an ORANGE light reaction (MAYBE) or a GREEN light reaction (YES!) ?
c) Feel in your heart / soul … is it a RED light, ORANGE light or GREEN light?
d) Feel in your head / mind … is it a RED light, ORANGE light or GREEN light?
Once you have your answers … consider … 
If you have 3 of the same colour that is your clear action to take. 
If you have 2 of any colour that is most likely your true authentic answer – note which part of your body is not in alignment. 
If you have 1 of each colour that is usually a maybe … more information is needed.
Remember that your head / mind will usually go for the practical answer, but this may not be good for your body, heart and soul. 
Most times we make decisions from the head / mind only. 
Meanwhile our body, heart and soul are crying out … Noooooooooooooo!
I encourage you to try this method for a week. 
Do it with big and small decisions … see what happens. 
You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.
Perhaps you’ll make different choices from now on.
Let me know how you go.
Blessings Pip x
p.s. Reminder that if you are considering ordering my new book ‘Finding my Soul at Sea’ (it’s coming soon!) … I’m still raising money for the next stage of the publishing and it’d be so awesome if you can help out.
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